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Under normal circumstances, the post-binding mother and pigs will appear in the first time, which is the first estrus, showing loss of appetite, unrest activity, purse redness, mucus, stretch reflection When the symptoms, the ovaries are egg exotic; if it gives the sow, it can be pregnant; for China’s local varieties, approximately 3-5 months; for introduction varieties, about 5 – June But in production, there is often far more than this month. The reserve sow still does not have the first estrus, some or even the age of age, with a weight of more than 150 kilograms, still there is no evolutionary symptom.

The emergence of this phenomenon often has three reasons.
The first reason is that the nutrition of sow is a problem; one is nutritious, that is, too much fat is charged into the ovarian, compressing the ovary, causing the egg to mature normal maturity And discharge, there is no estrus symptom; the second case is that the nutrition of sow, lack of protein, energy and other large nutritional ingredients lead to unsuitive, lack of vitamin, etc. Trace ingredients will also lead to unsatisfactory; according to data, During the weight of 130-140 kilograms, the pig has a relatively ideal for the thickness of 17-20mm. If it exceeds or insufficient, it will affect normal estrus and ovulation.
The second reason is lack of stimulation, so that the ovar is in a static state; these stimulating factors have boar stimuli, illumination, sports stimulation, etc., but these stimulus, just delay the time of the first estrus, will not Leading the sow is forever.
The third cause is hormone disorders, some intrinsic or outer hormones, affecting the normal production and metabolism of hormones in vivo, leading to unsatisfactory phenomena; such as myricolone in mold toxin, some special drugs Wait.

Of course, there are also management reasons, such as when the sow is estrus, it is also found in the production, and it is often produced.

In the above influencing factors, nutrient factors are the highest proportion, solve the back of the mother pig, alsoTo first start from coordination nutrition.
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