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Many people think that illumination is not important to pigs, in fact, light of light is highly affected by pigs, especially boars and sows based on reproduction.

The light on the sexual maturation of the rear sow, the influence of the influence involves three aspects, the first is the illumination time, the second is the light intensity, the third is the light time and The intensity is increasing or decreased.
The first is the light time, the light time of the light time is more than 16 hours, and the sexual maturation time is obvious. According to the two expert trials of Peng Rufen, extend the light time to 16 hours, so that the beginning of Rongchang’s sow In the case of 18.5 days in advance, the relationship was shortened by 1.5 days (P <0.05), and the number of bodes was increased by 2.8 (P <0.01). After weaning, the first estrus time was advanced in advance 5.5 Heaven (P <0.01), 30-day pop-up pigbed worship increased by 32.1kg (p

Another information, the light time of the resembled mother pig, can not be less than 10 hours per day, otherwise it will be delayed Mature maturity.

Light intensity is also very mature, and the experiment has proved that the growth of 18h light, the light intensity of 45 ~ 601X is rapidly developed, and the growth of small sows under 101x light is rapid, sexually mature 30 ~ 45 days. We have calculated, reaching the light intensity 45LX, need to be a incandescent bulb in two meters, 10 watts per square meter. <0.01)。

Also pay attention to the light time and strength of the light; Extending the illumination time and increasing the light intensity, it is conducive to sexual crops; but if shortening and weakening, the sexual maturity is unfavorable. On this issue, we must pay attention to the time change of the four seasons, spring and summer two seasons sexual maturity favorable, but the fall and winter seasons on sexual maturity is detrimental
source: Liu pig author: Liu Dewang

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