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Rumen multiproprin function characteristics: 1. Improve the rumor stomas metabolism, significantly improve the rumen fermentation environment, change the rumen environment, improve the feed digestion rate; 2. Promote various nutrient components conversion and absorption, significantly improve the muscle growth rate, day The weight is increased by more than 10%; 3. Effective prevention of acidosis;

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胃 倍 素 原 原 组: Energy bacteria, a variety of trace elements, packaged by vitamin C, betaine hydrochloride, and the like. Carrier: glucose, sodium sulfate.
lysmia meat cow: This product 1kg can be mixed with 500kg; meat sheep: This product 1kg can be mixed with 1500kg.
Drug content: Monenesin 16000 mg / kg.
Basic contraindication: Thai bacteria, bamboo malamine.
Dippartments: 5 days

Feed product ingredient analysis guarantee value (medium per kg) iron: 7-70g; manganese: 20-40g; zinc: 12-70g; vitamin C: ≥ 8000mg; Water <8%

Applicable to the object: cow, sheep, etc. ruminant special (egg seasonal egg chicken, breastfeeding dairy, horse animal disabled)

Storage instructions: avoid wind blowing, Sun, rain, placed in a cool, dry, heat insulation. Sold, please use it as soon as possible;

Shelf life: 12 months

Net content: 1kg / bag × 10 bags, 10kg / barrel

Notes: 1. Zinc with bacilli peptide, shabcomicin can increase weight gain rate, feed utilization; 2. stop medicine: no stop powder; 3. Outdrawn chicken, lactation period dairy, horsonal animal disabled; 4. In use Pay attention to protect the skin, eyes; 5. It is strictly forbidden to use it.
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