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Decrease the economic benefits of the cost meat fertilizer fertilizer from the perspective of feeding management, the economic benefits of the meat fertilizer fertilizer are very large, from the actual profits to catastrophic losses. There are seven factors that seriously affect the economic benefits of the meat fertilizer fertilizer: buy cattle cost, fattening cattle’s final price, feed efficiency and routine management of food quality, feed costs, veterinary cost, labor and transportation.
1, buy cattle costs: It is obvious that the lower the bull’s cost of the bull farm, the greater the profits, even if the weight of the weight is 1 corner, even if the weight of the weight is 1 corner of money.
2 The number of years reached the best level.
3. Feed efficiency: Feed conversion efficiency determines the amount of fattening meat. Feed is the main cost of fattening farms, so the profit in feeding operations plays an important role. Feed efficiency is affected by various aspects and feed quality of fattening fields. The various nutrients of the feed must be balanced. All in all, the higher the energy of the feed, the better the feed efficiency.
4, feed costs: The cost variability of fattening field is very large, depending on the ingredients of the feed, the mixing of the purchased raw materials and the purchase of the forage. Feed costs often determine the profit or loss of fattening field, because the feed costs account for 80% of the fertilizer. The most expensive ingredient in the diet is energy, mainly corn or corn by-products. In order to reduce energy cost, it is possible to adopt a source of replacement energy such as molasses.
5. Veterinary costs: If the meat fattle fertilizer management is not good, the veterinarian cost is greatly improved.
6, routine management: Buffalies must be managed, effective use of labor and machinery. If management is not good, management costs have increased.
7. Mortality: The mortality rate of the meat cow in the meat and fertilizer field cannot exceed 0.5%. Otherwise, this data represents the management of the meat and fertilizer field.
Since feed costs have a large proportion in total cost, the slight change in feed price or feed utilization efficiency has a great impact on cost, and if such changes are small, it is easy to make the meat and fertilizer farm from profit.
Feed Difference: It is the economic benefit of feed transformation into meat. If the value of the carcass or living weight caused by the feed is higher than the feed cost, the feed difference is positive, otherwise it is negative.
Price difference: refers to the price of cows or shelvesThe difference between the price of fat and meat. If the price of buying cattle is lower than fattening, the price difference is positive, otherwise it is negative.
The relative importance of the difference: When the price of the beef cattle rises, the price of beef cattle is inexpensive, the feed difference is positive. When the difference value is positive, the competition of the weaning yak is fierce, and the price of weaning yak is rising. In this way, the price difference between the milk caulk is negative, and the production profit of weaning yak is very high. Due to the price of feed, the price of feed is small, forcing the price of the beef cattle to become small, which means that the shelf cattle price has dropped. When the feed negative difference value and the catastronires are poor, the shelf cattle price is relatively low. At this time, the profits of breeding weaning yak are very low, but few technical feeding users have lost losses.
In general, when the feed normal difference value and the cattle price are valued, the late maturing variety profits is high, because these cows are in front of fattening, the feed conversion efficiency is high; if the feed negative difference value and the price difference of the cattle price, The premature species dominant, in order to avoid the impact of the feed negative difference, these cows have obtained profits by using few fine feeds and improves the beef cattle.
Conclusion — Economic Benefits Good Fighting Field depends on:
Accurate predicts the price of the slaughter factory to buy cattle;
There is cheap feed source;
Maintain a high level of fattening field management, especially details Question;
The nutrition level of the beef cattle before fattening.

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