Reduce the virtue of the zombie, pigs are stupid to help

Reducing the morbidity of the Zambow
Pig Silly Run
The Tianjin Biological Industry Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has finally discovered the vomiting toxicity button for more than ten years of research, “epoxy bond” The latest

weapon. Using International Latefest Enzyme Engineering and Molecular Biology Engineering Technology, use the latest enzyme modified engineering technology to cut off the toxic chemistry of vomiting toxin

“” epoxy bond “, completely destroying the biological activity of toxins. Renovated the damage to the gastrointestinal mucosa, restore gastrointestinal motility, restore normal appetite!
Main ingredients: glucose oxidase
can solve the problem
1. The pig is used on the same day, with 5-7 days, can exclude vomiting toxins in the body (and Huangquat is a class, also A molds (123)

and sows bring piglets in vivo toxins, while improving the amount of drinking water of weaning pigs, effectively improving the feeding capacity, achieving “disorders fast” “

Milk does not fall, “improve the neatness of the fattest stage, reduce the incidence of Zambow
2. With 20 days, it can effectively improve the growth rate of the stiff pig, break the secret of the stamitar! Even with 30 days, you can catch up with normal pig growth

degree! ! !
3. After the use of this product, it can reduce the occurrence of disease during the childcare stage, which is the secret weapon of breeding households through the cleansing and composing!
! !
You can see:
After 1, 3 days, weaning piglets and feeding and feeding volume increased;
After 2 or 7 days, wean pigs were rumored, lively, immunity;
3, After 15 days, weak pigs, Zigong pigs have accelerated;
After 4, 30 days, weak pigs, zombie weight and normal pigs have no significant difference;
1. Weaning piglets (15-20 heads) use 50 grams (1 bag), drinking water or moist mix, and use 5-7 days.
2. Pig (Piglose Group of Sub-Health Status), the pig weight is 150-200 pounds a bag (50 grams) per day (50 grams), and it can be used for 20 days, drinking water or moisture mixture

[Packaging Specifications] 50g * 20 bags / kg / barrel * 10 barrels / piece.
[price] 200 yuan / barrel

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