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1, the feed formula is unreasonable
(1) Blindly moving Feed formula

To improve feed utilization and conversion, reduce feed costs, must have a well-scientific feed formula.

The survey found that about 40% of the pig farms have problems with blindness of others, leading to uncoordinated raw materials, nutritional imbalance, thereby reducing utilization efficiency, causing feed waste, thereby increasing feed costs, lowered Pig farms operate efficiency.

(2) Feed raw material sector change and formula constant

In autumn, often hear some pig household complaints, the premix or concentrate quality is not good, pig is not eating long. According to the survey, it is not caused by the slow growth of pig growth or the quality of the concentrate or the moisture of the corn.

Due to the low temperature in autumn and winter, the temperature of the pig’s energy is greater than the spring and summer season, and the maize in this time is newly harvested, and the moisture is more than 20%, the feed itself There is insufficient energy in energy, such as not modifying the formula, will affect the normal growth of pigs.
(3) The physiological stage changes and the formulation is constant, mainly in

1 sow type single, one formula is fed to the end; or although there are several formulations, the phase is incorrect .

This may result in the following cases:

First, the intake of intake is insufficient before the breeding, which reduces the number of ovulation, resulting in a small number of births;

Second, : The first child’s intake energy is too high, resulting in an increase in the early death of embryos;

Third, the sow is in the late stage of birth (including energy), which is not enough to cause the new birth;

: Best period of breast development (70-90 days of pregnancy) The pigs ingestion of sows lead to lack of maternal pigs.

2 Big pigs eat small pigs to create waste.

Some small pig farms owners have less professional knowledge, think that pigs eat pigs, Chinese pigs eat small pigs, big pigs eat pig materials can increase nutrition to promote growth, in fact, this will cause feed costs Waste.

In particular, the rear preparation pig is eating fattening pig, which greatly delayed the estrus time of the sow, affecting normal breeding, and the loss is not small.

2, the feed processing process is improper

Survey found that there is a problem of improper processing process varying degrees in the pig farm, mainly in:

(1) Low processing mechanical grade Or after wear is not repaired or replaced in time, it causes the pulverization insufficient, or the mix is ​​uneven.
(2) Small pig farm self-ingredients are unsuccessful, or the amount of inclusion of additives, premixes, large materials, etc., wasted, stirring unevenness.

(3) The sense of responsibility of the proportion is not strong or the accurate importance of raw material weighing is insufficient, and the accuracy of the weighing device is not accurate, and the feed is not accurate, and the compounding does not meet the formulation requirements.

(4) Ignore the importance of coating the feed, lacks a raw material, easy to use other raw materials or raw materials to be charged, such as use wet corn instead of dry corn.

(5) In spring, the summer ingredients have a large error in quantity or quality in the spring, summer ingredients. The above situation will destroy the rationality of the feed formulation, reduce the feed utilization, resulting in feed waste

3, the factors that are easily neglected in the anti-mildew in the mildew, mainly include the following cases

( 1) Only paying attention to the feed feed materials (such as corn), whether the moisture is exceeded, and it is ignored whether it is mildeworthy.
(2) Only pay attention to the detection and prevention of graycin in feed raw materials, and ignore other mold toxins (such as ocolidin toxin, corn alrelone, T-2 toxin, tapoxin Detection and prevention.

(3) Only pay attention to adding a mold in the feed (this practice to mildew feed is equal to “postal cannon”, and neglects mildew feeding and detoxification).

(4) Only pay attention to the feed mildew before the feed, and neglect the effect of the rear tank and the inner mold on the pig.

aboveThey will affect the effect of feed anti-mildew effect at varying degrees, so that the pigs are inevitably suffer from the harm of mold toxins. The light grows slowly, and the weight leads to reproductive obstacles and induces the occurrence of epidemic.
4. Improper feed use of feed

(1) Feed plan is no circumference.

Feed plan often leads to the backlog or insufficient feed formulation, feed formulation and growth period, and the growth season does not correspond, affecting the use effect.
(2) The price is light quality when purchasing feed.

Some pig farms operators buy feeds, and the price of raw materials or additives is ignored. The amount of feed is poor, not only low nutritional value, but also causes damage to the growth of pigs. If a pig farm is greed, the raw material is purchased, and the result of immunization in the audience, the loss is heavy.

(3) Do not determine the amount of feeding standards according to the specific needs of pigs in different stages of pigs, or have standards and feeders have not been implemented, causing feed waste.

A pig farm of 300 sows in the stock, if the sow feeds 0.3kg feed per day, according to the current price. At least 1 month increased more than 0.6 million yuan; in this type, if there is a large-scale pig farm, waste is more serious.
(4) Some pig farms carry feed transport vehicles do not pay attention to rain, moisturizing, mildew; there is no drying between pig farm storage, the ground is not padded; the feed factory warehouse and pig farm feed room ventilation difference No anti-mouse, rodentship, etc., these factors are extremely easy to cause feed deterioration and murracy.

1, efforts to do feed formulations, processing, storage, feeding scientific reasonable, and sufficient feed utilization.

(, And require employees to strictly follow the feed formulations to prevent ratio errors.

Metallimed feed is a feeding of nutrients for nutrients, feeding standards and feed raw materials;

Since the nutrients are balanced, the most economical feed of the most product is selected based on the most economical feed of the most product, and the quality of the quality is selected, which is strictly according to the scientific feed formulation. Full price cooperate with feed, its nutrition is comprehensive and not wasted, the meat is low, and the economic efficiency is high.

In order to reduce the cost as much as possible, it can be taken in place, but when the raw material and its traits have changed, the feed formulation also provides reasonable adjustment. If the pig farm does not have the ability to produce the feed together. Should be purchased from a reputable feed manufacturer.

(2) Pay special attention to changes in feed energy requirements in different physiological stages of the mother pig, and take corresponding measures.

1 according to the different physiological stages of the sow, is divided into a breeding predecessor, pregnant, pregnancy, pregnancy, and lactating. Among them, the initial energy of pregnancy is low. The energy of several sow is high;

2 The day after the sow is reduced immediately, and the non-breeding sow should be fully raised. Therefore, the breeding sows must be brought separately from timelyly and unpredictable pigs;
3 It is recommended to change the pregnancy feed time from traditional pregnancy 85 days to 90 days. This is more beneficial to the sow breast development.

(3) Pay attention to feed storage, to improve the feed storage conditions due to local premises, ensure that the feed reaches 5 in the entire storage process: no tide, no mobility, no insects, nobles, No pollution;

Improvement of feed raw materials processing and formulation, improve processing processes in time, ensuring good performance in feed processing equipment, improves feed comminution and mixing uniformity, improves its digestion, absorption rate;

To improve or increase whether unreasonable or insufficient feed grooves, prevent pollution and waste when feeding pigs, feeding;

It is ensured which stage of the pig uses which stage of the feed, which strictly implements scientific quantitative feed.

2, if you want to find a good job of madroavae work, avoid the infringement of the pig toxin as much as possible.

Key to do the following aspects:

First, control the moisture content of the feed raw material is below 13%, while controlling the storage environment The relative humidity is 75% or less;

The second is to find mildew feed should be replaced in time;

Third is: do a good job in the column Hygiene, check for mildew in the bowl of the bowl and the ground;

4 is to add a high-efficiency anteriostylene in the feed.

The newly efficient aerosis product should be equipped with the following performance: can inhibit the growth of mold toxins, can strongly adsorb mold toxins, enhance the detoxification function of the liver, and can be poisoned by napotoxin The emergence of shock and pulmonary edema can improve the body’s immune function, which can effectively prevent secondary infection. 3, effectively control the purchase cost of feed raw materials. (1) To combine the actual raw material procurement system, standardize the quality standards of raw materials, clear the responsibilities of the pig and the functions, the delivery procedures of the purchase voucher, usually pay attention to pass Various channels such as local farming associations, local livestock service agencies, Internet, and cultured journals, etc., pay more attention to price market, accurately grasp the price of price operation, do a good job in raw material procurement season, time difference, poor price. (2) To handle the relationship between price and quality, the quality must be placed in the first place when purchasing the feed, in the case of the right price. Author: Anonymous Source: Network pig

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