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For a long time, pig diarrhea often invades the pig farm. Due to many reasons, the type of disease is also a lot, I have organized more than 20 kinds, and the diagnosis and treatment are more tricky. I will treat pork diseases. A variety of pig diarrhea prevention or seeing everyone, just exchange communication with the process of infectious gastroenteritis in this pig farm.
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The so-called ‘anti-feeding’ is to generate immunity to the intestinal and fecal infection of the pathogenesis, to generate immunity, through the primary milk protective pig, this way is also called artificial infection . The first time, on November 13th, 2006, infectious gastroenteritis, 12 consecutive years in 9 days, starting to die after two days after the 3-day breast pig, the production center 3-4 days later Death death, 12 yuan of local lives, a total of 94 deaths, the mortality rate of 61%. It is found that the condition is first treated with conventional treatment: oral replenishing salt supplement the vitamin C pig interferon plus transfer factor (Dalian three instrument production). Muscular injection of hydrochloride 5 ml, 2 times / day. Or 2.5 ml / kg body weight of hydrochloride. The effect is not ideal. In the past 5th day of the disease, the pigs were killed, and all pregnant pig feeding was added to all pregnant pigs with the sick pigs (strain with scissors) and the diseased pig manure. After three days of criticism, the milk produced by the pregnant sow is never infected. The second time was 338 births from the December, and only 180 weaned, the mortality rate was 47%. At the beginning, it is considered to be Baca virus infection (because the national report is popular), the epidemic is ended after treatment. Foreign pig farms prevention and control epidemics and infectious gastroenteritis are generally used in use. There are also many big pig farms in China, think that the effect is good. However, it is also a problem that it is understood that although the anti-feeding method can effectively prevent diarrhea diseases, the pig farm is severely polluted by diarrhea viruses and is always under vigorous control, although the diarrhea incidence is lowered but often occurs. Some experts do not agree with such practices, I hope that all pig friends have proposed their own exchanges.
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2012.10.26. Noon infection, mortality

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