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White feces

When the chicken manure is not a white paste, it is generally possible to have a chicken white sputum or a bird giant. The peak of chicken white sputum is more than 7 to 14 days old, and the sick chicks are depressed, cold, trembling, fluster, drooping, appetite, craving. The most typical symptom is a white paste such as a thick lime emulsion (white diarrhea), which is solidified as a limestone, blocking cold anus, chickens often die due to systemic sepsis. Another possible disease of white stools is a bird of poultry. Its pathogen is a hyperincaiba, and the diseased chicken often has severe diarrhea, and the white feces are rolled up.
The most common cause of blood in the chicken group is cocci. The small chickens before and after a month is generally a coccidia, and the disease can cause a large number of deaths in chickens, causing serious economic losses. Due to the blindstone near the treasury, the blood manure is mostly bright. In addition, Cardiac white lescellosis will also cause the middle and chick to pull the yellow-green feces or blood manure, but the disease has a significant seasonal season, and is related to the activity of the vampire insects, and is the peak period of occurrence of the disease from May to June. Inorganic or organic poison poisoning will also cause intestinal bleeding and bleeding, detect the content of these toxicities in the feed, and confirmed the content of serum calcium, phosphorus and osteofluranes. At this point, there must be suspected drug-containing feed immediately and take targeted rescue measures based on the species and nature of the poison. Among the above-mentioned diseases, there is often a fresh red blood in addition to cocaples, and it is easy to identify, other diseases or causes caused by blood, the appearance is mostly dark red, and there must be tuberculous and must be observed.
Green feces
The most common cause of green manure is a new city disease, and a new city has a green dung in a new city. The diseased chickens often have a mental depth, lowest appetite, and have a neurological symptom in the late stage of breathing, and chicken eggs. Avian cholera can also cause a chlorica-lined-green feces. In addition, if the chicken eats excess grass powder, the feces will be green, but such a feces are hard, and it is easy to separate with the green manure of the disease.
Water-like feces
Under normal circumstances, the amount of chicken is about 1: 2, and the summer can reach 1: 3 or even higher. As we all know, in the case of summer thermal should, the amount of chicken is reduced and the amount of drinking water is increased. For example, in an environment above 25 ° C, the temperature is 1 ° C per liter, the feed volume is 1.6%, and the amount of drinking water is daily.The amount of drinking water in chicken increased by 11 ml. The chicken is only a large amount of water, and the extra moisture is discharged from the urine, which makes the feces become more thinner, which is normal. Further, such as the salt content of the feed, for example, add salted fish powder, or increase the salt content in the feed when using some kind of anti-Ponsoach, it is not possible to replace another anti-Ponctinocticide. Timely low, etc. In these cases, the chicken will only cause water-like feces due to the ingestion of water. Chicken only occurs acute infectious cystic disease, severe chicken white dysentery, E. coli, can continue to dysen, or drain the water in the anus, and the anni is filthy, moist and adhesion.

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