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Feed in the breeding process of chicken, and the problem of water will often encounter! It not only reduces feed conversion, which will lead to decline in feed, and grow slowly or even caused chickens to die! Especially after entering the summer!

Chicken pulleys
Usually, the chicken pulling is due to a certain disease, such as the chicken toxin poisoning, chicken intestinal bacteria disorder, chicken colon catholic Disease, chicken worm linear, chicken stromacteria, etc.
Causes of chicken pull water
Usually, the shape of the water samples seen by the chickenshouses are: mixed water samples, rice soup chicken and injection feces, etc. The water samples of different shapes are caused by different reasons. In a wide variety, the intestinal inflammation of the chicken group and urethral inflammation can result.
Generally, once the chicken has a problem of feed or water, in addition to improving the feeding environment, strengthening feeding management, the most common means of farmers is, such as the use of antibacterial drugs, etc., even in the daily feeding process Most of China will also use drugs to prevent!
Although some antibacterial drugs can alleviate the feedback, water, but long-term use or improper use of the microbial flora in the intestinal tract, the intestinal harmful microorganisms have been propagated, resulting in cluster feeding capacity Decreased significantly, weight loss, puller weight increase. At the same time, the problem of drug resistance in coccidia is getting more serious, and the drug added to prevent coccidia is not completely eliminated! How to solve the series of side effects from drugs is the problem that the current domestic chicken industry urgently needs to solve!

According to the mainstream media MBC of Korea, the Korean Agricultural Association has been vigorously promoting and promoting this new physical antibacterial principle of the Dragon Palace, the Non-drug breeding method of the new physical antibacterial principle of the Dragon Palace. ! According to reports, the Dragon Palace is improving the health of intestines and improving the immunity of chicken. The farm master Jeong Yongbee introduced that the clinical stomach has become healthy after using the Dragon Palace, and the pulse is very significantly reduced. The ammonia gas generated in chicken manure is also reduced. And after Feeding Elit, the chicken farm did not have a bird flu in a few years ago in the past few years!
Of course, we must completely solve the problem of feed, water, etc., to integrate the multifacence of feeding environment, feeding level, and feeding management, while preventing weight in treatment! Although the drug has a certain degree of effect, it does not to ignore the safety of the environment due to the side effects of the drug, and the safety caused by the environment is not ignored, and it is worth our attention!

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