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pig veterinary medicine who can not do without, but if totally dependent on veterinary medicine, not only raising pigs is not good, it will result in the cost of pig A sharp increase. Now the scale of the pig farm, according to the column, a commodity pig calculation, the share of the vaccine and veterinary drugs is 80 to 120 yuan. Under the premise of the same feeding level, the drug fee of each pig may differ from about 40 yuan, in the micro-era, this is profit.
The pig farm requires open source throttling, and the cost of feeding is limited to an acceptable level. These costs include feed, vaccines, drugs, artificial, hydropower, and pigmentation, depreciation of hardware facilities such as pig house equipment. Regardless of the drug, the price is much, as long as the reproductive performance of the sow and the growth performance of the commodity pig, it is possible to reduce the cost of increasing weight per kilogram of pigs. Only a healthy pig group can reproduce and grow normally, from financial perspectives, only increased output, it is possible to reduce feeding costs. That kind of saving feed, vaccine, and drugs often affect output. It is necessary to know that the money is earned, not by saving it.

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The following is a variety of adverse medication habits commonly used in the process of serving the pig farm in these years:

First, there is a misunderstanding of the application of the drug in the pig farm
The role of veterinary drugs is to prevent, treat and diagnose the disease. In addition, veterinary drugs also have the effect of regulating animal physiological functions, promoting growth and reproduction, and ultimately improves and improving animal production performance. Each drug has its adaptation, and there is no “packaged for all diseases” in the world. Many pig farm management uses the only means of maintaining the stable pig farm. It is believed that the vaccine pig will not get on. Use the drug to prevent good disease, even if it is not healthy every month, I can’t sleep. But Ignore the most important feeding management and improvement of environmental conditions.

Of course, some pig farms, especially small-scale pig farms, think that pigs can be immune to several vaccines, as long as they do not cause death; the author is in Xu six years agoState encounters a small pig farm, the boss does not inject the piglet seedlings, emphasizing that he has Chinese medicine health care, pigs are only healthy, no immunization. Last year, I came to that place to travel, asked about the situation of the pig, I heard that the pig farm closed. Therefore, pig pigs must believe in science.

Second, improper treatment

A method of administration or a lot of routes, such as oral, injection, spray or topical medication. Each drug has its own characteristics, and it is necessary to select a method of administering according to its characteristics. In terms of group medication, mixed or drinking water is most commonly used.

Differential delivery. Many pig farms have uneven problems, there is no professional mixing equipment, and some use the original shovel, stirred in the cart or on the ground. As everyone knows, the patience of the breeder is limited, and few people will stir enough time as required. The consequences of the caused pigs do not eat enough drugs, prevent the treatment effect is not ideal, and some pigs have eaten too much drugs, and may cause poisoning, especially those with narrow safety range. So the machine is stirred must have more than 15 minutes, try to stir well.
Drinking water. Most pig farms do not take into account the difference in ionic ions in water, and some drugs are water soluble, and some of the stability after water dissolution. On the one hand, the drug is wasted, delayed treatment, and also block the water pipe on the other hand. Many water-soluble drugs, especially antibiotics, and must consider the acid and alkaline nature of the drug during compatibility, and to prevent neutralization of several drugs simultaneously, and affect the solubility.

Drinking water is also a common mistake, namely the whole day to administer and diverted, the whole day is given to drinking the whole day to drinking water; The total amount of the whole day is added once or several times to drink water, which is easily confused or forgotten when using a dosing drum. Some drugs in some aqueous solutions are preferably mixed several times to avoid failure.

It is recommended to install automatic drinking water in the field. In addition, the same product, due to the different production processes, different manufacturers’ product solubility, the stability after water is very different, so the effect also has a big difference. It is best to dissolve some drugs with a small cup before use to see its clarity, and then use the solution.

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Injection The drug is the most accurate administration method, but according to the pharmaceutical metabolic force or the half-life of the drug, some drugs need to be injected 2 to 3 times a day, such as penicillin. Some drugs are long-acting preparations, maybe one day or two days, must see if there is sustained release formulation. Medicine selection. Drugs for treating body infections must enter blood circulation is effective. If the route is administered, these drugs should be absorbed with gastrointestinal tract, or they are not damaged by gastrointestinal intestinal tract (such as green matrix is ​​easily damaged by gascolin). Such as aminoglycoside drugs (nexamycin, gentamicin, etc.), essentials such as adhesion, etc., are not suitable for systemic infection or prevention. Third, the use of

expires or deteriorates without pressing

. The drugs have a shelf life, depending on the stability of the drug, the shelf life is short. Once the shelf life is exceeded, the drug’s titer will deteriorate. Innovate pig farms, sometimes manufacturers to promote, purchase a lot of drugs in a one-time, in the warehouse for more than two years, I may have passed the validity period when I think it is used.

Not saved as required. Biological products generally require low temperature (often in 2 ~ 8 ° C), most veterinary drug storage conditions are sealed, protected from light and cool. Some drugs have been decomposed, some drugs are faded, and some drugs are easily absorbed. Then you have to save in different environments according to the characteristics.

Insufficient dose. The prevention dose for the onset of pigs does not achieve the expected treatment, and it is also delayed the treatment. After the pig is diagnosed, the use of conventional doses can also cause insufficient treatment; the sow is administered in the case of restricted forage, and the conventional dose addition is not available. Some pig farms do not use drugs according to the instructions in order to reduce the cost of medication, so that it is difficult to play the effects.
Excessive medication. Some pig farm managers believe that it is necessary to achieve therapeutic effect as soon as possible, and large doses can be improved, in most cases, because some antibiotics have a concentration dependent bactericidal effect. butIf the safety range of the drug is narrow, severe side effects may occur even poisoned.

Insufficient treatment. Under normal circumstances, antibiotics need to be used for 3-7 days, the treatment of individual diseases even needs half a month. There is not enough course of treatment during injection, because veterinary, breeders like less work. The role of antibiotics is to inhibit the proliferation of bacteria, relying on the body to remove bacteria. It is possible to relieve symptoms using one or several antibiotics, but there are still bacteria in vivo, these bacteria may be resurrected after stopping the drug, and propagate in a lot of breeding. Therefore, the principle of treatment of general diseases is to continue to use antibiotics for 1 to 2 days after clinical symptoms disappear.

Fourth, it is not emphasized

In many cases, it is not obvious using a single antibiotic efficacy, so two or more antibiotics are often used in clinical practice. Some drugs can be used to generate synergy, which can reduce the dose of each item and reduce side effects; however, some drugs cannot produce synergies, sometimes antagonism, and even toxicity. Some pig farms, additional 4-5 kinds of drugs simultaneously, saying that it is not allowed to have side effects, or complainted, thereby increasing the risk of medication. Pig people should be familiar with compatibility, never make things that regret it after medication.
Fifth, with experience in

In general, the disease of each pig farm has its own characteristics, each antibiotic has its indications, according to the onset of his own pig farm Select drugs. Can not excessively believe that other pig farms, the pig farm is best regular (generally one year to do once) to do a drug sensitivity test, and choose the drug suitable for his own pig farm according to the drug sensitivity results.
As a pig farm manager, you don’t just understand the basic knowledge of veterinary drugs, but also understand the law of pig farm diseases, but more importantly, we must understand feeding management, and continuously improve environmental conditions, reduce pigs. Morbidity. Under the premise of preventing disease, try to use less. Under the premise of ensuring the cost of the cost, try to improve the production performance of pigs.

Vaccines and drugs are tools for peeking disease, use it, and it is half-powered; if it is not good, it is not only possible to prevent disease, but will greatly improve the production cost of the pig farm. Don’t let the poor medication habit “eat” the profit of the pig farm.

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