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summed up in four sentences of folk timing of breeding sows in heat, a dip pussy grass, just insemination; 2 expression in a daze, insemination conception 3 stand still, just breed; 4 mucus thickening, is the fire. When is the best delivery time? Understanding the basic knowledge of the following may be more important.
In the pig production, the boar is natural mating or artificial insemination of sperm into the reproductive tract of sow, sperm into the uterus through the cervix. When natural mating, the spiral portion of the top of the boar is locked to the neck of the sow. When artificial passence, the spiral part of the top of the artificial sequet of semen locks the sow’s uterus neck. One, the sow is locked by the plywood and artificial semen by the boar, and the uterus shrink will begin. The uterine contraction passes the sperm through the cervix and the uterus, and finally reached the fallopian tube and binds the sperm and egg in that part. This process takes 6-8 hours.
In fact, only a small portion of the fine seed (about 30%) in the semen (about 30%) reached the fallopian tube, most of the sperm cells were lost in the cervical port and the uterus, because the efficiency of the pig sperm was very low, so each The semen requires at least 20-3 billion effective sperm to ensure the normal insemination of 10 eggs.
The target of artificial extension is that when the mother pig ovulation, there must be a sufficient amount and sperm with the ability to reach the sow, nature mating, sperm is 36-72 hours of sperm. In contrast eggs only survive for 8 hours in the fallopian tube, in 6-8 hours, the ability of the egg has dropped very low. Therefore, the time of sperm in the fallopian tube should be the highest level of ovity.

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From the outside of the semen, after dilution and processing, it may not be like the sperm of natural mating for so long, but as long as Sperm can survive in the breeding of sows for 24 hours, and it should be able to insemin when the mother pig is egg. If the mother pigs ovulate, the sperm arrives, the egg is aging, surviving embryosNumber will drop (see Table 1, variety is a purebred tree in North America).

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If the sperm arrives too early when the pork rib, there will be few egg insemination. If the number of effective live embryos is less than 4. The sow’s endocrine system will not maintain normal pregnancy and will lead to re-estrus. Our goal is to let sperm stay in the fallopian tube for 48 hours during 24 hours to 72 hours after standing. This ensures that 98% of the oocyte pigs can be guaranteed.

I want to achieve a vibrant sperm to stay in the fallopian tube for 48 hours, the best way is to breed 2 times. The success efficiency of a breeding may be like a twelfth breeding, but the number of production will fall (Table 2). Therefore, how many times the breeding is also an important indicator for detecting the reproduction of pigs.

Table 2. The number of breeding and the reproductive score of the sow

2 tablets were speculated 1 time with a variety (after 24 hours), after 24 hours, the sow was taken at 104154121 average fetal Delivery rate (%) 86.785 .184.6 Empty production of each child Source: Paterson & Mullan (1988) The quality of on-site breeding work is depends on the number of times the breeder checks estrus every day. Of course, the more the number of times of estrus examination is checked, the more accurately judge the estrus of the sow, but it is basically enough to check 2 times a day in actual production. Tables 3 and 4 can be used as a reference. Table 3. Optimal breeding process – Check estrus 2 times a day
standing estrus (boar) first breeding second breeding, the first day, the first day, the first day, the second day, the first day of the afternoon 2 days, the third day, the morning, the first day, the first day, the first day, the first day, the first day of the morning.On the second day of the second day of the afternoon
Note If you only check once every day, then you should increase the number of breeding. Because, if an estrus check is wrong, it may be delayed 18-24 hours. In addition, it should be noted that the backburst is fraud once, because its estrus is shorter than the sow.
Table 4. Optimal breeding procedure – Check Emotion 1
Standing Emotion (Boat) The first breeding of the second breeding, the third breeding, the first day, the first morning, the second day, the morning 3-day morning, the first day, the first day, the second day, the afternoon, the first day, the first day, the first day, the first day, the first day, the first day, the first day, the first day, the second day of the afternoon. On the afternoon of the second day
In addition, the study confirmed that the post-prepared sow was breed in the second or third estrus, and the number of pigs in the pig was 1.5-2 small pigs. Therefore, the reserve sows in the production of the first estrus should be avoided in production.

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The ovity of the insem is called the kids and will develop into embryo, and all the neins move to any corner of the uterus angle, develop into embryo in front of the bed. From the movement of the kings, it takes 11-12 days, and the embryonic bed bed is on the 16th day. The period of embryonic bed is critical to embryonic generation. Any stress and distress of breeding may cause a reduction in the number of people. Therefore, within 30 days after breeding, it is absolutely prohibited to carry the sow to other pig houses, even more.

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