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Performs a pig farm for 12-week batch production, in the performance of weaning piglets, piglet uniformity is a key indicator. Pigs that fall from the team will drag the entire largest hind leg in the future, and more days can you have to feed out. In order to improve the uniformity of the whole pig group, the weaned phases should be set to the porcine target control within 0.5%.
International nutrition expert Becky Bierlein said that in the field of weaning-fertilized a dragon, the proportion of pigs is the most important performance indicator.
“I spent a lot of time to examine the ratio of the team, and studied why the system will fall in the system,” she said. “Many factors, – including nutrition, feed budget, environment, and even pig itself, – will affect the quotation ratio. To achieve 0.5% or less standard, you must start from the first day of piglets.”

First, piglets feeding individuals in different ways
No matter what kind of facilities are used, there is always a portion of the piglets to be smaller than the other individuals in the same group. Bierlein advocates separating the smallest 10% piglets and implements a different feeding policy slightly.
“To help these small individual piglets grow, they need more care in feed and environment,” Bierlein said.

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Second, pay attention to more detailed individuals

After the size is divided, the management of the wealthy house will help to discover potential problems. At least daily views once to each pig, make sure they are active, and are feeding and drinking. “It is not enough to patrol the pig house,” Bierlein said. “Every day, each pig is from the head to the end. It will be seen from the back to the hoof. Timely intervention helps remedy. To make the quota of the queue less than 0.5%, we must ensure that interventions should be correct.”

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If there is a case where the fall is high, the facility is performed Re-assessing will help determine potential problems.

“” Most important, to ensure that the pig has enough levels and water levels, “Bierlein said. She suggested that at least every 10 pigs at least 10 to 50 pounds (18-22 kg), at least 1 inch (2.5 cm) level per 10 pigs.

“” “Then you want to examine the environment, ensure that the situation in the pig bar will not adversely affect the growth and development of pigs.” Bierlein suggested. “Sometimes it is only caused by the dynamics of the community in the column. We only need to have the chance to go to another.”

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Fourth, strict Drop the pigs for management

For individuals, it is picked out during the production process, or it should provide higher nutrient concentration, sufficient drinking water and careful care. This kind of care should be similar to other weaning pigs, but it is necessary to carefully. “We recommend providing porridge, electrolyte, and horned food when stress,” she said. “In particular, the porridge can be sprinkled on the hull, which can be added to the water and nutrients at the same time, so that the pig pig can easily transition to dry feed.”

5. Re-embraced the team into large group

Once the pig is removed, only the production of performance is restored, you can start the transition, gradually turn the pig into the large group.

“It is recommended to transfer the fall pig’s individual to a recovery column, and then refrain into large groups,” Bierlein said. “This feeding the pigs were able to observe, to ensure that they will not be a problem after leaving the nursing field.” Source: pig of professional managers: Wen Peng (translation)

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