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Main goals of pig farm production management:

1), The pig only produces a header / sow / year: high yield, high generation, dead and mummy 伊 伊

2), high-yield index: short breastfeeding (weak milk to breeding, low return rate 】
3), low mortality: lactation, during the postpartum period, and the mortality rate during the bumper period are low.
4), feed remuneration: high

5), daily gain: fast

(pay attention to 20 key points of red)

1, prenatal immunity

The injection of E. colonic seedlings were performed 3 weeks and 6 weeks before childbirth, and it is recommended to use Haibole’s seven-valent seedlings – Xi Easheng, 14 days before the birth (I Vioxin 0.4 mg / kg body weight, orally; 0.25 mg / kg body weight, intramuscular injection), starting to change tantammtrifice in 10 days;

2 The sky will rinse the room, then dry for 1 day, according to the expected date of birth, the sow in the first 3-4 days ago is fully brushing and disinfecting, and the movement of pigs is light, can’t whipping the pig;

3, preparation

All medicines used in the preparation of the child, including oxytocin, antibiotics, sedative (chlorpromazine), etc .; ready to use the thermal insulation lamp when you use it, Subprint, and some corresponding midwifery; check whether each pig’s water dispenser is normal;

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4, the sow should be reduced 2 days before the birth period, This can reduce the occurrence of constipation after maternal pigs,

sow, use water to clean the breast, then use New Jue to disinfection;

Wipe the mucus on the mouth and mouth (clothClean);

put it into the incubator (a sack of the pad or sack of the cooling of the incubator);

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After born 1 hour, use disinfection lines, then leave 8-10 cm to cut, and disinfect it with iodine wine (more bleeding in birth, immediately ligation and stop blood); if the pig farm is using a desiccant (when the pig It can be used for the amazo-drying meshydrate, and the umbilical cord can be used to automatically fall off after the umbilical cord;

If you are born, you should wipe the mucus in the mouth, then manually breathe

The pig produced should not be separated from the sow, and the pig’s sucking milk can stimulate the secretion of the mother pig oxytocin. When the pig’s amniotic fluid is baked, it can feed the milk; It is best to hang a light bulb behind the sow;
Pay attention to the birth of the last three pigs to monitor, prevent suffocation, each pig, 6-7 pigs must strengthen the monitoring Because most dead tolls occur in the final three pigs;

6, rational use of oxytocin

u Normal production interval is 15-20 minutes, but the first The spacing of the new piglets may be 30-40 minutes. If it is not normal (using the production of more than 30 minutes above), it must perform the sub-homodes in front of the use of oxytocin. Help each time, prevent the infection infection, preferably use a dedicated long arm glove, if there is no need to completely clean the hand, apply a certain lubricant;

U oxytocin each time The dose of use is 5-10UI;

U if there is no effect half an hour;

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7. The management of colostrum

Guaranteed that each piglet eats raw milk (can be born in batches, ie 4 to 5 small pigs after eating early milk) Get up and tagged, then let the new piglet eat raw milk), if some sows have a lot of milk, it can be collected in a sterile manner within 6 hours after childbirth, and then sealed freezing. More than 4 weeks, the next time it is preheated to 37 ° C to feed 20 ml / head to the larvae;

The quality of the breastfeeding sow will directly affect the water supply of the mother pig, with a variety of foreign varieties Take the pig, the lactating pig is required to high protein high energy, and pay attention to the quality of the protein (nutritional requirements: digestive energy 3.35 mega / kg; 17.5% of crude protein, 1.0% lysine); 1 can be fed daily 4 Taking the feeding capacity of the mother pig (goal: according to the recommended feed nutrition, the whole lactation of the sow is 110-120 kg / 21 days)

8, postpartum examination
The phenomenon of sows measured by the sow and the phenomenon of vaginal dew, which can be considered 3 days after 3 days after each maternal,

If the sow occurs Breast inflammation should immediately conduct antibiotics + heating analgesics + oxytocin for 3-5 days of continuous treatment; if it is a breast trauma, the cleaning and disinfection of wounds is carried out, and the antibiotic treatment is carried out;

9 Temperature management

Shot of the sow: The ideal temperature is 20-21 ° C within 5 days of postpartum, after 17-18 ° C; the temperature requirements of piglets: 34 ° C in the first week, second Zhou 31 ° C, last 28 ° C, the fourth week 26 ° C;

The temperature of the sow will affect its appetite, and the temperature of the small environment will directly affect the survival rate of piglets, to meet small The temperature of the pig is generally accommodated in an infrared lamp to increase the incubator. In order to increase the effect of the incubator, it can be placed on the incubator or wooden board;

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10, cutDental tail Generally, the teeth, broken tissue, iron, and scissors must be disinfected after each pig is used in each pig; each pig can feed 1 ml of celebration after shearing the teeth

11, 4 days of postpartum

85% of blood deadly occurs within the first 3 days, 90% frozen and starvation death occurred 4 days, so It should be paid attention to the piglet care within the first 4 days. The general small farm is better than the large farm;

The weakness in each bourd usually requires special care, such as fixing the weakness in the past Made, make sure weak milk or artificially supplement some degreasing milk powder (the boiled milk powder is high to be high ≥90 ° C, the bottle should be clean); fixed nipple (mainly consider the care of the pig, let it eat Front of the nipple)
If it is some of the pigs that open the hind limbs, they should be fixed with straps to help pigs eat milk.

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12, piglet health

Many pig farms in the south use Ai Tike to conduct piglets in piglets (7 days of age 0.5ml and 21 days of age 1ml) Received the ideal effect;
13, fostering

In the process of breastfeeding, if some sows have a problem, weaning sow can be improved. Replacing the sow to ensure the supply of milk; the diseased piglets cannot be fostered; pay attention to the lactation capacity of the sow and the reflection of new pigments; the good physical condition is fostered; generally make a large piglet Little sows are fostered; let the pigs have been sent after eating early breasts, and the disease is not more than 3 days.

Observe the milk of pigs every day, find can’t eat milk The pig is fostered in time;

14, open

7 days started less to Diligent; lasting 3 to 4 days, the teaching feed bag can not be open, Tight; on the day, the feed did not have finished, the pigs began to teach in the food, and placed with heavier, narrower feeding.It is not easy to arch, and the feeding is 10 cm higher than the ground to reduce waste, or it can be used in 7 days of age.

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15, medication

Now the disease has become very complicated, generally mixed infection, so it is best to do some drug sensitivity tests to use the drug to be lost; if it is a diarrhea after 5 days, consider the infection of coccidium, 3 days after small pigs, 5 days per day, 100 mg (50 mg);

16, piglets are going to 7-10 years.
17, determination of weaning

With the improvement of management levels and piglet nutrition levels, three weeks old breast milk has been widely accepted, but the specific weaning time of each field should be The specific conditions of each field (the conditions) decided, personal views, I suggest that the pig farm uses 3 weeks of milk management. Piglets after weaning should immediately transfer to the poster, because the environmental conditions of the inventory are much better than the production room (especially the microbial environment).

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