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To each batch of pig breeding to achieve the established goals, adaptation to the environment is a key gilts link . Before breeding, the introduced reserve pigs need to be exposed to the pathogenic microbial environment in the original pig group, so that the reserve pigs improve the immunity, not affected by sudden illness. Another purpose of environmental adaption management is to ensure a stable reserve pig to the breeding workshop to meet the needs of breeding objectives. To achieve the above two purposes, the pig farm must have a set of detailed management procedures. The scale pig farm only has the correct implementation of the environmental adaptation procedure, so that the rear presence pigment is gradually exposed to the microbial environment of the original pig group to ensure that the breeding has high immune power to introduce the breeding target.

Current domestic and foreign production performance gaps and targets

Production performance Haiber France has a good level of excellent horizontal rods. Breaking the shallow pig 10.1810.809.5810.50 / female / year 2.512.462.282.40 weapon / female / year 25.5526.6021.8425.20 genuine pig seedlings / female / year

20.7424.20 Average weaning age 18.0025 .0024.0024.00
Target index of the first breeding of the rear sow

at least 135 kg of living weight

P2 point back 膘 between 16-20 mm

At least in the second estrus or later

“Program” not only lists some management content from introduction of backbone to enter the breeding period, but can be used to help all kinds of pig farms Establish specific isolation and adaptation procedures, just as introduced in the reserve mother-in-law environment adaptation, please remember some of the details listed below.

Program – Isolation (Since Week)

Assuming that the bonded mother pig weight is 80-90 kg, it is placed in the isolation of the pig farm, not only contact with other pigs, isolation 4 week.

Before the start of the reserve mother, the front batch firstThe reserve sow (if any) is turned away, then thoroughly rinse and disinfection.

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Turning into the isolation procedure according to the reserve sow when transporting.

Ensure that the breeder enters the bed (such as possible), closing, wearing a special work clothes and rain boots. The daily work should be placed in the end, the breeder can no longer return to the original pig group.

Every day, there is any disease symptom, there is any abnormality to record, report the pig farm veterinarian.

The fourth week after the introduction Pig field veterinarians should do the following:
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Blood test related diseases

Complete clinical health check
Contact Pig Row Veterinary, through routine health monitoring, such as: Checking blood samples or lungs, ensuring that the pig farm did not find new diseases.

Program – Environmental Adaption

If the backpare pig is not separated, directly enter the environment Adjustive period, the weight should be 100kg (150 days).

1, the backup sow of the isolated pig:

If the reserve pigs are all negative, The reserve mother pig is transferred to the environment, or it is still in isolation to implement an environmental adaptation process.

2, the reserve sow, the store:

After transportation, the back prepared sow is transferred to the reserve pig The procedure of the house puts the rear preparation pigs to start the environment to accommodate

3. Daily View the health status of the newly introduced sows, do an abnormal record, report the pig farm veterinary.

4. In the environment, comply with immunizationSolution, the reserve sow after isolation is continuing to vaccinate, and immunization is initiated to the newly purchased reserve sows. [Adult murder sow uses a long needle (38mm), 30-125kg pig group, 12th long needle (25mm), rechanes, selection of 12th long needle (15mm), piglet selection 9 needle (10mm)] [10mm)]

5, from the third day, use boars to stimulate estrus:

3-7 days: According to the stimulation of estrus and synchronous estrus, use mature boars to stimulate the beginning of the mother pig, one day twice.
7 days later: Continue to stimulate, twice a day, until all the rearing sows are estrus, and work on the reserve sow card.

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6, the second week begins, the rear bonding pigs contact the original pigs and feces of the pig farm to enhance immunity.

Put the eliminated sow (a birth of 1 child or 2) in the adjacent column, allowing the nose to contact the nose.

On the third day of this week, the house sow Put the pig’s feces in the backpack.

7. After the mother pig is in contact with the mother pig, it will not be returned to the pig group again.
in 3 weeks Inside, continue with the original pigs and feces.

If possible, you can replace some eliminated sows or retain the original eliminated sow.

On the third day of this week, Put the feces of the house sow and piglets in the back home salad.

8, according to the first estrus, still use the boar twice two times two times two times in four to six weeks, in the backup mother The second estrus is recorded on the pig card.

9, the third time of the rear sow is three times in 7 days before, and it must be transferred to the breeding, and the relevant information on the reserve sow card is filled in the breeding card.

Backup Adaptation Program Test (including answers)

1, what is the two main purposes in the environmental adaption period?

makes the breeding can have enough backbits Pig participation

is in contact with the pathogenic microorganism.
2, ask: What is the main purpose of isolation?

Protects the pig farm that introduces a piglet from the “new” disease invasion.
3, ask: What questions are paid attention to during health and health prevention during isolation?

Before the reserve mother arrived, the isolation should be emptied, then thoroughly rinsed and disinfected;

Feeders enter the need for a shower (such as possible), wear special clothing and boots;

The daily work should be placed in the end, and the breeder can’t return to the original pig house in the farm.
4, ask: What checks should the veterinarian do if the reserve mother pig is adapted from isolation to the environment?

Contact supplied pig farms of pig farms, check the recent “new” disease;

Clinical examination of reserve sows;

Check blood samples or lungs.
5, ask: Let the rear sow contact other pigs under artificial control, gradually enhance immunity, how long does it take?

4-5 weeks.

6, ask: What is the main points need to be remembered to ensure the immune effect? (At least 4 of the 7 points)

The correct injection time;

does not use an expired vaccine;

Storage vaccine at the correct temperature;

Host vaccine bottles, needles, injection locations;

The correct dose;

The correct needle size.

7, ask: Why do the resembled mother pigs need to have a week’s recovery period?

Let them recover from transportation stress and adapt to new environments, because stress, weakened the immune system Function.

8, ask: What is the purpose of gradually exposing the rear sow to the pathogenic microorganism of the original pig farm?

In the case of not chaos, it is stimulated Produce an immune response.

9, ask: What effect will the introduction of the mother pig, if it is suddenly affected by the disease?

does not estrus or delay estrus.

10, ask: How do I expose the backed mother pig in the pathogenic microorganism?

Contact with the elimination of the mother pig in the neighboring column, allows the nose to contact nasal contact;

contact with fattening pigs;

Place a sow in the rear sow bar, Pigged pig feces.
11. Ask: What is the former mother pigs to use mature boar?

To make all the backup sows in the time as possible.

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