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the delivery room is the core area of ​​large-scale farm production, efficient management and refined The operation process is the key to successful breeding piglets. The school staff can only make the work efficiency in the class, and improve the work efficiency can help the sows provide more qualified weaning pigs.
1, the management skills of the incubator

In the breastfeeding phase, the effective use of the incubator will reduce the loss before weaning. Producing an incubator and the management rules that follow the incubator will receive a lot. Although there are many ways to make and use an incubator, the following is described below.
The standard position of the incubator should be at the front of the sow, the area is 0.62 meters x1.5 meters, 0.62 meters high baffles, no hole, with a top cover and heat insulation lamp. The exit of the incubator is 26 cm wide, and 34 cm high, leading to the delivery.

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Prior to childbirth, use a relatively low plate (21 to 31 cm high), in the incubator in the incubator, to reduce the area of ​​the incubator (area about approximately : 0.62 meters X0.62 m). Close the exit of the incubator and put the insulation lamp.

The temperature in the incubator should be maintained at 27 to 29 degrees. Take a slightly open the cover with a variable resistor to adjust the temperature. Use a uncoiled pad, such as a new sack, pad in the incubator. When the pig is born, dry it and put it into the incubator. In order to draw milk, the pig will stand and walk on a soft sack mat.
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After most pigs were born, the sows were stable, at this timeTo put the pigs next to the mother’s pig. Managers should guarantee that each pig can eat raw milk, it is best to mark the pigs that will be eaten with a color marker. When all pigs eat milk, guide them back to the incubator. Then scissors and broken tails. Small pigs should soon learn from the incubation box. Therefore, training they return to the incubator after eating milk is a very important job. If the pig is sent back to the incubator for 2 to 3 times after eating milk, the pig is usually returned to the incubator.

After born 2 ~ 3 days, the cushions such as sacks in the incubator can be taken away. Check the temperature of the warm box, don’t be too hot. If you are not comfortable in the incubator, the piglet will sleep outside and take the incubator as a place where the feces are excited. When the pig is born 7 ~ 10 days, you need to take 250W of the infrared light, replace 100 watts of bulbs (you can think about it, why?).

2, learn how to fill?

On-site management is another technology that can help reduce pig death is foster, ie, put small pigs to another female pig. It is preferred to foster pigs in the same time or the same batch of sows. The fields that perform batch production are often used in the following two methods:

single post method and secondary postal method.

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Foster pigs from childbirth in the first few hours. The ideal fostering should be carried out in the pigs delivered within 6 hours, which can avoid piglets to fight the nipple. But in the actual production, there will be no big problem in 24 hours.
The foster procedures are as follows:
1) Estimating the breastfeeding capacity of the sow by checking the physiological conditions of the past breastfeeding and sow. It is necessary to observe that the sow has several pairs of effective nipples, the size and shape of the breast. Pay attention to very large and loose breasts, some breast pigs can’t eat. 2) Check the childbirth record and observe the pig, it is estimated how many pigs and their weight, compare the total number of people and total breastfeeding. If the total number of products exceeds total breastfeeding,Pigs can be filled with sows for childbirth before two days.

3) Elect excess piglets to foster sows. From all the nests, you can mark the largest 9 newborn pigs, mark the upper neck, then let them with their mother 24 hours, guarantee a few times of colors. 4) After selecting excess pigs, classify them and fostered in size. Arrange foster, you should arrange a small pig in a nest, then small. To ensure that the number of pigs per nest is not more than the effective nipple. To ensure that small piglets are sucking milk on a plump nipple. After foster, you should work on the sow card on the sow card.


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5) For the weekly batch production of individual pig farms weakness, small pig fosters (secondary postal law): Weib to wear a pig with 10 healthy pigs ((Small pig is aged 3 weeks). Select another L0 healthy pig (1 week old), foster from the sow that weaned. Then, the freshman 9 pigs were fed to the sow with a 1-week old pig. See the secondary post method.
6) Time to observe the problem of sows and pigs do not eat milk. If the first two days of pigs do not eat milk, they will change the pig to other sows. This pig may go to the nipple, but if it is not changed to other sows, it may die.

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