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1.1 Objective
by correct vaccination the pigs produce protective antibodies against infectious Sick, get a healthy pig.
1.2 Responsibilities
Uniformly developed an immunization procedure by the technical department, and each farm is implemented in accordance with the procedure.
1. Vaccine Supply Qualification
The vaccine should be derived from a formal manufacturer, through GMP certification, product should be stable, and the inspection is qualified, and the content of vaccine poison is in line with national standards.
Suppliers should provide valid documents such as business licenses, tax registration certificates, organization code certificates, approval numbers, production licenses, and business licenses. If imported vaccines, import licenses should also be provided.
1. Vaccine Transport
Vaccine transport should use a special incubator with ice cubes in the box to reach the destination, the ice cubes cannot be completely dissolved, and the cold chain is transported. Pay attention to prevent the inactivation seedling in winter. Vaccine transport should reach the pig farm at the fastest speed to ensure effective titer.
1.5 vaccine preservation
After the vaccine arrival, the warehouse storage staff should immediately check, the number of points, check whether there is no damage, the label is clear, the traits are consistent, and the manufacturer, approval of the text No., inspection number, production date, expiration date, etc.
1.5.2 Store in accordance with the requirements of the specification. Generally inactivating the vaccine should be stored in 2-8 ° C, and the freeze-dried vaccine should be preserved at -1 ° C. The vaccine dilution should be stored at 2-8 ° C in the hot summer, and other seasons can be regularly preserved.

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1.5.3 The refrigerator stored in the vaccine should be dedicated, not allowed to put food and other items. Different batch numbers for different formulations and the same formulation should be stored separately. If you find that the inactivated vaccine is frozen, the milk is broken, and the lyophilized seedlings have a solubility to report veterinary treatment. Timely clean up the deterioration, expired vaccine.

1.5.4 IceIn-box-in-box thermometer, observe whether the temperature meets the requirements every day. Timely defrosting, low-temperature preserved vaccines to keep one centimeter or more distances in the inner wall of the refrigerator, and affect the refrigeration effect by defense. In case of stopping, put it in advance, ready to open the door when powering off.

1.6 epidemic prevention plan 1.6.1 Batch epidemic prevention plan. The epidemic prevention group should understand the transfer of the pigs in each batch, the breeding date of pregnant sows, the date of delivery of breastfeeding sows, the birth date of the piglets, the age of transfer group, according to the epidemic prevention procedure and the average physiology of the pig Date to do a batch epidemic prevention plan. The batch epidemic prevention plan should be transferred to the field length, squad leader and breeder.
1.6.2 The epidemic prevention staff did a week before the next week’s epidemic prevention plan, conveyed to the preliminary field, the head leader
1.6.3 pig epidemic prevention plan. The batch epidemic prevention program is summarized on the Pig Squad Epidemic Prevention Plan, and the anti-prevention staff is distributed to the corresponding pigs and the corresponding people according to the pig epidemic prevention plan every day. When the immune program is adjusted, the batch epidemic prevention plan and the pig epidemic prevention plan should also be adjusted.

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Northern a pig farm immunization process

1.6.4 epidemic prevention query. Before starting from get off work every afternoon, the anti-proactive staff should fill in the onset of the pigs, the building, the number, the name, dose, etc. of the day, and the product, the number, the vaccine name, dose, etc. to facilitate traceability.

1. Preparation before immunization

When a pig group plans to immunize, drink 3 days of anti-VC and other resistance to the drug. Prepare sterilized insulation boxes, ice packs, syringes, needle boxes, needles, portable collection boxes, anti-alignment, methicine, etc. According to the weight of the pig, the right needle is selected:

Pig body weight length specification 10kg below 1.2-1.8cm9 * 110-30kg1.8-2.5cm12 * 2530-100kg2.5-3.012 * 38100kg or more 3.8-416 * 38 According to the number of pigs, the immunot dose, according to 5% loss, the vaccine is calculated, and the vaccination of the warehouse is calculated, and the vaccine used is placed in ice.The incubator temporary.
1.8 Diluted vaccine

Pre-examination of vaccine and dilution, lyophilized vaccine, diluted with a special diluent. If there is no dedicated diluent, it is generally diluted with physiological saline, and the amount of normal saline is calculated according to the number of pigs and the injection dose.
Diluent or physiological saline must be placed in the refrigerator in advance, and the vaccine is placed with dilution at room temperature for 3-5 minutes before dilution to avoid dilution. The temperature difference is too large.

Before dilution, the bottle signs should be checked and the vaccine should be injected. If it is damaged, the liquid seedlings have a cake, freeze, foreign matter, discoloration, oil milk seedlings have broken milk, lyophilized seedlings are thawed, The bottle vaccine cannot be used by the validity period of the use.
Dilution When diluted, the vaccine and dilute liquid bottle mouth were disinfected with alcohol cotton. In the case where the appropriate amount of dilution is inserted into the vaccine bottle with a syringe, there is no need to press it, check whether the bottle is vacuum, the vacuum vaccine bottle can automatically absorb the dilution, and the vaccination of the lost vacuum should be discarded. The dilution is injected, and the vaccine bottle is properly shaken to promote the dissolution of the frozen seedlings.
When diluting two or more vaccines, different syringes and containers should be used without mixing. Most of the living seedlings are liquid, there is no need to dilute, and they can be shaken when used.

1.9 Immunization

1.9.1 Antioperantists communicate with the feeders before injection, the pigs in the incubation, the pathogenesis should not be injected, and the logo and record should be made, and after rehabilitation Note.
1.9.2 The vaccination of large pigs can be arranged during seeding, and the attention of pigs is taken as much as possible, and reduce stress. Care pigs, fattening pigs, should be appropriately settled when the seedling is properly, and the welded iron bar can be used in the corner, and then injectable. When breastfeeding pigs and conservation pigments need to catch the Baoding, they should be lighter and avoid being driven. When a pig is injective, a feed bag can also be placed outside the column, attracting pigs to bite to disperse their attention.
High-temperature seasonal spray should be carried out after 4:00 pm or at 4:00 pm; the electronic feeding station should be injected at the evening to reduce stress.
1.9.3 Vaccine uses the principle of current prevention, should be used immediately after dilution, and avoid sunlight, 1 ° C should be used within 4-6 hours, 1-25 ° C for 2 hours, 25 ° C or moreUsed within. If the injection time is long, the vaccine should be placed in the incubator of the ice, prohibit long exposure to room temperature.
1.9.4 When sucking the seedlings, fully shake well, and use the sterilized needle to insert the bottle plug, wrap the alcohol cotton ball for suction. The vaccine of the inhaled needle can not be returned to the bottle and cannot be emissively emissions.
1.9.5 The injection site should be correct, before the injection of alcoholic cotton or iodine cotton to disinfect the needle, when the needle is unplugged, then use the drug cotton to disinfect the needle eye, prevent inflammation or form a pustule. Neck muscle injection: after the ear, the muscles above the front of the cervical vertebrae. The little pig ears should take a little more, from the spinal bone, the two fingers are vertically entered. Big pigs are vertically adopted as the injection site in the triangular area of ​​the four fingertips and back four fingers.

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2017-12-11 09 : 27 Upload Chest injection: The injection site is on the right chest wall, the countdown number 6 ~ 7, the intercostal, the intersection of the casing nodules, the intersection of the horizontal line (ie “Suqi hole”). Local disinfection, along the second rib of the countdown and the chest wall inserted into the elongate needle. The left hand moves the skin from 0.5 ~ 1cm in front of the injection point, then insert the needle, and pull it back into vacuum, slowly inject the liquid, and then use alcoholic cotton to disinfection. Rear Pocade Injection: The tail root and an anus are in the injection of the needle at a 45 degree angle. Subcutaneous injection: The drug is injected into the ear of the pig or the inner subcutaneous loose tissue. In the inside of the shares, the left hand thumb and the middle finger pinched the skin, accumulated the vertex, so that the triangular dimples were formed, and the right handheld the syringe directly pound the center of the skin 2 cm. At this time, the needle can be freely active, left. The skin is opened, and when the syringe piston does not return to the blood, the piston is pushed into the liquid. When the ear is injected, due to the local skin tension, it can be directly passed directly to 2 cm.

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1.9.6 When the injection should be used Adding a needle, using a nest, a needle (including breastfeeding pig), prohibits mixing. The injection movement should be skilled, to achieve “steady, accurate, foot” to avoid flying needles, needle, drain, sprilling seedlings, short seedling, or bleeding. Pigs after the seedlings are tagged to avoid reintegrating, leaking.
1.9.7 Pregnant sow immune operation should be careful to avoid increasing death or abortion. The pregnant maternal pig within one month and the first 15 days of birth should not be injected with the vaccine, and the record should be made.
1.9.8 Immunization to 2 hours after inoculation, pay attention to observe the pigs, such as those who should stress large or allergic reactions, can be rescued with adrenaline or dexamethamus.
Adrenergic method: (first choice) neck muscle injection 0.1% hydrochloride injection, primary piglet 0.1-0.2 ml / head, wear pigs 0.3-0.4 ml / head, 30 kg of weight pig 0.5-1 ml /head. If necessary, the second injection can be done for the first time after the first injection, and the adrenaline injection dose cannot be too large.
dexamethason method: neck muscle injection, 2-5 mg / head, weaning pigs, 50 mg / head, growing fattening pig, 5-8 hours after need to be 4-8 hours Reduce 1/3 reuse of the first dosage.
1.9.9 When the company added some vaccine, some of the tests should be selected 3 days before the mass injection (according to the size of the pig, the recommended quantity: 20-30 breast pigs, 20-30 , 5-10 breeding pigs), no adverse reactions within 3 days of injection (such as body temperature, feeding, mental normal), reappear, to ensure the safety of the whole group.
1.9.10 Emergency vaccination. When the pig group is seriously threatened by some disease, emergency vaccination, in order to safely pigs, after the threatening of the pig group, the last pathogeneous pig group injection. 1.9.11 Epidemic Prevention Order, when there is an epidemic prevention of different pigs in the same day, it should first be pretty a small pig group, and more fields of epidemic prevention personnel.Epidemic prevention;

1.10 After immunization

1.10.1 is recorded. After each pig is injected into the vaccine, it is necessary to fill in the immune record and the epidemic sequester recording.

1.10.2 Device Disinfection. The syringe used, the needle should be high pressure and disinfection, standby.

1.10.3 Waste treatment. Failure, invalidated vaccines, used vaccine bottles, diluted residual vaccines, etc., must not be poured freely, must be properly treated. The treatment method includes soaking, boiling, burning, deep embedding with disinfectant.

1.11 antibody monitoring

After the vaccination, the live seedlings were obtained from 14 days, and the immunization protection was obtained after 21 days of the seedlings, which can be targeted for blood collection, detection antibody production and protection.

Requires primary antibody detection every quarter, you can understand the effects of vaccination, and the survey of serum epidemiology can be carried out in order to adjust the immunization procedure in time to make it more strict.
1.12 Precautions

1.12.1 Injection of viral vaccines, 3 days before and after the use of antiviral drugs, the use of two viral active vaccines 7-10 days, reducing mutual interference. Viral live vaccines and inactivated seedlings can be used simultaneously.

Antibiotics were prohibited in 5 days before and after injection of pigs, and the two bacterial live vaccines were used simultaneously. Antibiotics have no effect on bacterial inactivation seedlings.
1.2.2 Before and after vaccination, some intense operations, such as transfer group, blood collection, etc., prevent the pigs from stress, and affect the immune effect. If the injection should be large, it should be added to the agencies.
1.12.3 Each batch of vaccines, to stay 1-2 bottles, at least 3 months, to verify the vaccine effect when there is a problem with the pig group.
1.12.4 Monthly investigation of a pig group immunization, inspection records, only some pigs leaked under the general time, do a good job in registration, and avoid leakage. Well do things with your heart.

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