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Vice pigophilus is caused by vice pigs, mainly harms piglets and young pigs Infectious diseases that cause heat, joint swelling, breathing difficulties, and multi-lace membrane. Due to a lot of vermophysique serotypes, it is easy to produce drug resistance, so it is only a large difficulty in vaccine or antibiotics, and can only control the vocal bacillus disease by comprehensive prevention measures.

There is currently in the summer, whether the southern or northern scale pig farm may not pay too much attention to conservation. The author recently ran several pig farms in Jiangsu, and she was a few tens of dissection of pigs. It was still more sour, and I think the understanding of the disease of the vice pigs must change. The weather is cold, but it is possible to happen in four seasons a year.

Pig Pig Violentophysique is a polycyclic pulverizer and arthritic infectious disease caused by pigs by Pig Pig. It is mainly caused by respiratory syndrome characterized by celluloseic inflammation of pulmonary and edged film cavity and limb joint slurry.
1. Pathogen

HAEMOPHILUS Parasuis, HPS is tentatively served as Pakinecobacterium Philodynamis, and there are a variety of different forms under microscope, from a single end Bacillus to long, elongated to expand silk. No flagepan, no sprout, newly isolated until the pathogenesis has capsular. Beautiful blue staining is two high colors, Gram dye is negative.
The bacteria is an oxygen or an anaerobic bacterium, and the optimum growth temperature is 37 ° C, pH 7.6 ~ 7.8.

When the bacterium grows nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (V factor), such a substance can be obtained by the culture of blood (chocolate medium) or satellite in the vicinity of the Staphylococcus table. After 24-28 h, small and transparent colonies were small on the blood culture medium, the colonus did not have a hemolytic phenomenon on the blood agar.

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The unique “satellite” phenomenon of Pig Violent Blouse

This bacterium has a large number of heterologous Genotypes, natural existence of various serotypes, are currently known, of which 4, 5, 13 is most common (more than 70%).

Pig Pig Violentophysique is not strong in resistance to the outside world. Death, 60 ° C for 5 to 20 minutes, and survived for 7 to 10 days at 4 ° C for 5 to 20 minutes. Common disinfectants can kill them. Pig Pig Violetophili is sensitive to ampicillin, Thai farm, Lin Kemycin, oxycarmium kanamycin, sulfonamine drug.

Second, epidemiology

Pig Pig Violetophili only infects pigs, which can affect pigs from 2 weeks to April, mainly in the abutment and postpartum stage, usually 5 to 8 weeks old pigs, the incidence rate is generally 10% to 15%, and the mortality rate can reach 50%. The death rate of porcine disease is as high as 42%, and the patient’s elimination rate is as high as 27%.
Bacterial parasitic is within the upper respiratory tract in the pig nasal cavity, which belongs to the conditional pathogenic bacteria, which can be induced by a variety of factors. Pig or strap pigs mainly spread through air, or directly contact other susceptible pigs, can also be infected with a digestive tract. If the pig is blue ear disease, cyclovirus disease, and the overall resistance of the pigs will be prone to this disease.
The pig has a large density, abnormal climate, the temperature is too low, the coil is wet, the feeding density is too large, the air turbidity, ammonia gas flakes, the ammonia gas, the stroke, the mixed group or transportation. Pigs such as respiratory diseases, such as mycoplasmic pneumonia, swine flu, pseudo-rabies, and pigs, coronary virus infection, the existence of vice monodidia can exacerbate their condition and complicate the condition.

Three, symptoms

1. Urgent type:

Temporary pigs happen to a good pig, sick pig fever, high temperature rise to 40.5 ° C ~ 42.0 ° C, The spirit is depressed, slow response, loss of appetite or anorexia does not eat, cough, breathing difficulties, abdominal breathing, speed jump, white skin is red or pale, ear tick is purple or hair, eyelid skin is edema, some sick pigs have nose Mucus, slow or do not want to stand, there is a lame or a side, wrist,跗 跗 节 肿. During death, the pigs were dismissal, the angle bow reverse, some of the rotation, the limbs were laid in the shape of the symptoms of arthritis, showing one or several joint swelling, fever, early pain, more common in wrist joints and跗 跗 节, stand up, and the hind limbs are not coordinated.

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Pigged pig groin surface has rust bleeding Point

2, chronic cases:

More view of the breeding pig, mainly loss of appetite, cough, difficulty breathing, fur, limb weakness or lameness, incomplete growth, or even failure.
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4, lesion

There is a high amount of fresh red liquid and fibrous exudate in the pig chest; heart-packaged liquid, heart envelope and heart Adhesion, accompanied by cardiac inflammation, Severe “fluff”; the pulmonary disease is particularly obvious, except that there is a large amount of cellulose exudate, there are many small pus which are surrounded by multiple connective tissues, full pulmonary blood and dark red, lung texture Bold, lung swelling, hemorrhage, congestion, lungs and chest incident occurred.
The whole body lymph node is large, dark red, cutting surface is marble. The kidney, the duodenum has bleeding, spleen hemorrhagic infarction.

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All pulmonary bleeding and dark red realization, pulmonary texture thickening, lung swelling, bleeding, congestion

8. JPG

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Fibrin film in the liver

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Cellulose in the abdominal cavity

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Cylindrical Su


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Joint swelling, there is a largeVolume Cellulose Surgery


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Heartcycens (Film Mao)

V. Diagnosis
According to the epidemics, clinical symptoms and collateral lesions (especially induction lesions), it can be initially diagnosed;

The diagnosis is required to perform bacterial isolation identification or serological examination. In terms of serological diagnosis, mainly through agar diffusion tests, complement binding tests and indirect blood coagulation tests.

This disease is mainly identified by infectious pleuropneumitis: the lesions caused by the vadir of the Pig Pork, including meningitis, pleural inflammation, peritonitis, peritonitis and arthritis, with multiple lacefrites; and typical infection The lesion caused by sexual pleuropneumonia is mainly fibrinogen pleurisy and pericarditis, which is limited to chest.

Sixth, Once the Pig Farm is properly diagnosed or has a significant clinical symptom, a large dose of antibiotics must be treated, and drug prevention should be carried out on the entire pig group or the same population. ; Most Pig Violentophysis is sensitive to ampicillin, fluoroquinolones, cephalosporin, tetracycline, gentamicin and marching sulfonamides, but erythromycin, aminoside, magnificent maternal and forest Mymp has a resistance. Preventing the available vocal pigs to hook a living seedlings immunite sow, the first 40 days before the pigs, the first 20 days before the birth. It can be immunized from 30 days before pig production. The pig farm is seriously threatened by the disease, piglets should also be immunized, piglets and weaning pigs: 3 to 4 weeks of age, and immunize again after 3 weeks, 2ml each time.

Effective prevention of vice pigophilus disease, like a pig farmOther disease prevention and treatment, is a systematic project that requires the immunity of major viral diseases, and chooses effective drug combinations to routinely preventive health care for pigs, improve pigs, rethinking pig house design. Only in this way can there be stable production.

At present, there is currently increasing trend in the pestinal virtine of the pig farm, and is characterized by multiple lacefrites and arthritis and high incidence, affecting the various stages of pig production, bringing pig industry. Serious losses, therefore, the scale pig farm should have attached great importance to this disease.

Management is an effective method of improving the resistance of pigs. At any time, neglect management, only paying attention to immunity and medication, often does not ideal. Pig Pig Pylori is currently resistant to many drugs, so the choice of drug preferences is the efficacy, and finally is the price (re-cheap drugs if there is no efficacy is also wasteful, even delays, causing greater losses) . In addition, the amount of dose must be sufficient, especially in the absence of decline in piglets, and the mixture is more carefully calculated. Qiaelao .jpg

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