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gilts feeding system mainly affect production and profits. Therefore, it is important to understand the main principles and actual feeding. This helps the breeder flexible use. The diet used by each breeding company is a nutritional expert in considering modern nutritional principles and other factors, such as raw materials, type, climate and circle conditions. Similarly, feeding standards are often determined by nutritional experts in combination with management. In certain aspects of feeding and nutrition, especially the nutrients and feeding of resembled mother pigs are controversial. Most of the feeding regulations have a certain range, which means that the diet and feeding standards are very different in all farms. However, the basic objectives of the feeding system are the same. I hope to see this article can give you enlightenment!
The breeding of resembled mother pigs almost affect every aspect of the mother pig production. From the restriction rate, the number of piglets and the elimination rate and use of the sow, the purpose of establishing a mother pig feeding system is to ensure that there is a long production period after entering the production, and remains healthy, at the lowest Fee production piglets.
First, the reserve mother pig feeding system

The rear bunch of the mother pig feeding system will be used to explain why the specific fed amount is given in some special stages. It should be understood that it is the most important thing about determining that feeding is just a boot.
Reserve sows before the first breeding:
gene improvement has made breakthroughs in reducing fat and improving feed utilization, which will mean that low-fat reserve sows and producing sows are more vulnerable to nutrition and The effect of feed. Therefore, the goal is to reduce the loss of back losses and increase the number of pigeons. The main purpose of the first breeding before the rear sow is the first time to achieve a suitable weight and back thickness during breeding. Modern pigs are suitable at 135-140kg, and the breeding is suitable when the back is 16-18mm. The reserve sow cannot be mating when the weight is less than 130kg. Because of the reduction in genetic pairs, it tends to delay mating, that is, in the second time in the episode, this makes more fat reserves in the post-prepared sow, increase the number of products, and extend the useful life. . The reserve sow is sold from the pig company at 100kg and 11-15mmAfter 7-8 weeks of domestication, it reaches the need for weight and back.
The sexual maturation of the rear sow should be paid attention to. Studies have shown that feeding in the birthplace is smaller. The reserve sow is free to eat freely before the selection. After the feeding system, the mother pig house is free to feed. If possible, each mens can be completed, or it can be fed about 3kg or fed according to appetite. The resell of mother pigs should use growth diet or pregnancy diet based on the company’s system. These fluorescent energy is high, but the protein level is low, which can be used to increase back thick instead of muscle growth.

Feeding level affects the first estrus and eggs in the future. Therefore, the number of ovulation of the old sow is not a limiting factor affecting the number of cubes. The number of ovoes in the resembled mother, the number of people will be more.

Hypothesis is referred to as a result of increasing the amount of feed before the breeding, thereby obtaining the maximum number of ovulation. Typically at 10-21 days prior to breeding, it can be reduced from the 2nd estrus 7 days after the second estrus and then free to feed or sell them in the third estrus. Freedom to feed until breeding.

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Weaned to a breed;
In the lactation maternal pig, it will minimize milk and minimize body weight and back thicker at a high feeding amount. When the pig is broken, the stop and breast pressure increase in sucking stimulation will cause latching. Changes of these hormones can lead to estrus, which increases the amount of feed in this stage to accelerate dry milk to help reduce the interval of weaning to breeding, increase the number of ovulation and the rate of fetus. It should be minimal to the broken milk mother pigs to the breeding interval, and most sows should be emotional within 7 days after weaning (minimum 90%, ideal is 95%), so all weaning mother pigs should be as close as possible Its appetite. The first nest of the sow is in the range of 2.7-3.0 kg per day, and some old sows can be added to 4.0-4.5kg. In the clustered circle bar, it should be used to achieve this goal and can deal with changes in appetite. The interval of young mother pigs to breeding is more than the old pig, can be improvedThe intake of precautions is shortened to the breeding interval. Some steps indicate that the high quality diet feeding growth pigs or feeding all fat soybeans or fish powder will also have a great impact.

Breeding to pregnancy 21 days:

About the pregnancy feed level will affect the survival of the pregnancy is the focus of debate. Feeds in this period will play a decisive role in embryonic implantation. The failure of embryonic bedding is an important reason for the potential losses between the fertile eggs and the number of production. Some studies have shown. Low feed levels (about 1.8kg of the reserve sow, 2.1kg of the sow) can effectively improve the embryonic survival rate.
The study shows that the feeding within 4 days after the prevention is important. If the sow still maintains a good physical condition, that is, 2.5-3.0, the fed method during this period is to reduce the amount of feeding to 21 days of pregnancy. However, pigs with poor physical condition should increase the level of feed. It is recommended to feed 2.8kg every day by 2 minutes. The physical condition score is 1 Path to feed 3.4kg every day, which lasts for 60 days to the second physical condition score, can ensure that the thin lactary is restored, and the required situation is reached during childbirth.

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Pregnancy 22 days – 90 days:

The purpose of pregnancy is to ensure that the sow is appropriate when childbirth is to ensure the feeding level. condition. In the last 3 days of pregnancy, the growth rate of the fetus decreased, most sows still maintained the original feed volume to increase muscle and back, so a small feed level change will be changed. A large impact on physical condition. Youth sows remain growing in front of 3-4 fetus, and some farm feeding is determined according to the timing. In order to maintain a good physical condition, the feeding amount specified in the regulations is 2.5 kg of the reserve sow, 2.3 kg from the sow.

In order to achieve the physical condition of childbirth, the consideration of the physical condition should be carried out in pregnancy, and according to the adjustment feeding level, the physical condition score is recommended twice, ie in the pregnancy 28-35 days and 63-70 days. Unless the weight of the backpack is declining, there are very few rear sows to increase feed to achieve the use of physical conditions. However, if some pigs scores only 1-2 points, additional feed is required. The regulations pointed out that the pig’s score is 2.8kg / day, and the feeding amount of 1 point is 3.4kg. /day. When using a half-score, the feed adjustment will be more sensitive and more accurate, because if the feeding system is suitable, most sows in the mid-pregnancy should be 2.5-3.0.

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The fetus grows quickly in the last few weeks of pregnancy, and the nutrition in this stage needs to be increased. Studies have shown that if there is no additional feed, the sow and the storage of the sow and the protein can be met to make up for energy. The feeding level recommended by the Ordinance is 2.8kg / day of the mother sow, 3kg / day from the sow. Some experiments also show that this system will increase the primary weight. Another study shows that increasing energy storage in piglets will increase the survival rate of piglets. It is obvious that the benefits of improving feeding during this period is obvious.

In most cases,

In most cases, the rear sow or the sow is transferred to the production room at 110 days of pregnancy. During this period, it should be dealt with. However, if some special reasons, the reserve sow is still in a breeding house, and its diet must be reduced to 1.8kg / day. If you continue to maintain 2.8-3.0kg / day feed levels can cause a dead fetus increase. Second, other factors affecting feed levels: pig varieties or lines: different types of pigs (genotypes) are different. For example, the hybrid Dolock variety is strong than the appetite of other varieties. Some pig companies will provide a nutritional indicators and recommended feed levels suitable for their pigs, and each farm can be adjusted.
Temporary: It has been mentioned that the growth of the sow will last until 3-4 tires. This is easy to link with modern feeding systems, such as the electricity of the groupSub-feeding, the difference in diet will be small, but it is difficult to apply to practice. Adjusting the grain level according to the physical condition score can achieve the same purpose in practice. Similarly, young sows maintain the desired nutrients lower than old mother pigs, so if they feeding equal amounts of feed, youth sows will get more feed for growth.
Environment: The environment is also the main factor affecting the amount of feed requirements. Most of the feeding levels are determined according to the demand of the pig in suitability, (see the environment of the pig). When the temperature is lower than the optimal temperature of the pig, it is necessary to consume the feed to keep the body temperature. When the pig is consumed by the energy insulation, its body and the energy needed with the fetus are consumed. In different types of circles, its temperature is not good, feeding levels need to be adjusted. Winter should increase the level of feed. It is recommended to 3 ° C every less than comfort. Adjustment of feed is 0.14 kg / day in the reserve sow, 0.20kg / day by pig.

Summer high temperature will also affect feeding. Because of the decline in feeding during the lactation period, the physical condition of the sow may be poor than the winter. This requires that the amount of feeding in pregnancy must be increased so that the physical condition can be achieved in the next childbirth. However, this condition can cool the system to avoid, because the increase in the amount of feeding during the lactation period is the key to the success of the feeding system and high productivity.
Third, the reserve mother pig feeding procedures:

Here we assume that the rear stock is transferred to the back of the pig house when weighing 100kg, adapting to 7-8 weeks after the third time breeding.
1, when the mother pigs enter the mother pig house, it should be free to feed, and at least 3kg should be fed at least every day before the second estrus.
2, when most sows in the group appear for the second estrus, fell to 2.5kg daily.
3, in 14 days prior to the third estrus, the feeding level is raised to free to feed or at least 3kg per day.
4, the feeding level will drop to 1.8kg daily on the day after the last generation or the product, until 21 days after breeding.
5, starting the feeding amount from 22 days after breeding, the amount of feeding is 2.1kg

6. When the first physical condition is measured (28-35 days of pregnancy), the rated is adjusted according to the score. Level

The evaluation is 3 or more,The evaluation is 2.1kg

, and the feed amount is raised to 2.3kg / day

The evaluation is 1 point, and the feed amount is increased to 2.5kg. / day

The physical condition score of the rear sow is not less than 2 points unless it is in a sick state.

7. When the second physical condition is measured (63-70 days of pregnancy), the feeding level is adjusted according to the score

8, and the feeding amount will be raised to 2.8kg daily in the pregnancy.
9, after 110 days of pregnancy, the sow is still in the pregnancy house, and the feeding amount should be reduced to 1.8kg

10. When pregnancy, the temperature of the circle is lower than the optimum temperature. (For the reserve sow feeding in a raising race of noble), it is approximately 21 oc), and each reduction of 3OC should increase 0.14 kg daily.

1, Q: Why is it more sensitive to the lack of breeding and nutrition?

Hyundai ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Correct weight and back

3, Q: What is the amount of weight when breeding?


4, Q: How should I feed after entering group to the second estrus?

Free training

5, q: Why is the reserve sow need to feed the mother pig feed or pregnant sow feed?

in order to store back

6, Q : What time is it?

Increase the feeding level 10-21 days to increase the number of ovoes

7, Q: Why is weaning? High levels of feeding during the breeding?

Can accelerate the dried milk of the breast, reduce the weaning to the breeding interval

8, Q: How should I feed an epoan sow during the weaning to a breeding?

】 You can feed growth pig feed or high quality wholele soy or fish powder feed

9, Q: What is the purpose of reducing the amount of breeding 21 days after breeding? ?

Increased the bed of embryos in the uterus

10, Q: Both all sows reduce fed after breeding? why?

No, the physical condition rating is 2 low sows should give high levels of feeding to promote recovery

11, Q: Pregnancy What is the purpose of 22-90 days?

Make sure the sow is best to achieve the best in the production

12, Q: Why is The fine adjustment of the pregnancy 22-90 days will have an important impact on the sows.

The fetus grows slowly, and the nutrition is reserved in the muscles and back of the sow.

13, Q: What is the reason for increasing feeding at 90-110 days? (2 Out of 4)

Fetus rapid growth needs Increase nutrition

If no feed is improved, the sow can metabolize their own body reserves

can increase the primary weight

Can increase the energy reserve of piglets, help improve Survival

14, Q: If the sow is still in pregnancy, how should the sow are still in pregnancy?

Feeding level should be reduced 1.8kg

15, Q: In addition to each stage of the breeding cycle, which factors affect feeding levels?

variety or product


16, Q: QingWhen is the sow in the year?


17, Q: Why is the amount of feeding when the temperature is low?

The sow should be used to maintain the body temperature by using energy to convert energy from itself and the fetus.

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