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zone management is a core breeding herd. Performing the pig farm produced by week batch, can complete the key to production targets in breeding areas and breeding areas, and the effectiveness of the breeding area should implement the principle of basic sows. Today, I will talk about the workflow of Huishe and the production room. Key work, and make some sort out the priority order of various operations.

Basic workflow and focus

1, clear setting tags (breeding color): red, blue, green every three weeks;

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2, do a good job in the week, clearly inform the workflow and the focus of each person.
3, accurate feeding: 0-7 days, 1.8kg; 8-28 days, 2kg; 29-90 days, 2-2.2 kg; 91 days – bed, 2.8-3.5kg. Note that the rest is 0.25kg in winter than 0-7 days.
4, pregnancy immunization: pig flow tract diarrhea, 70 days PED live seedlings immunization and 91 days PED inactivated seedlings all once, V number V-seedling tire, 77 days.
5, avoid all kinds of stress, 0-7 days after breeding, pregnancy pigs, plus liquid, hot water tank, plus liquid-novel-new amine-based dimensional resistance;

6, every Thursday 8:00, the sow is transferred to the breeding house;

7. Transduced to pregnancy houses within 40 hours after breeding of the breeding;

8, production Before 5-7 days, you should arrange according to the order of order. In principle, a unit breeding / production day is no more than three days;

9, go to the bed, the sow is completely rinsed, especially dirty sows with brush , Washing powder brush, jet the special enemy emulsion, then go to bed;

10, every Friday afternoon according to the sow body condition adjustment scale, the amount is adjusted 200 grams;

11. Just off the milk mother pigs to do the short-term price of 3-7 days, add glucose / multi-dimensional, etc.,

12, using boars attract: twice a day, 15 minutes each time

13, lighting: boars and sows perform 16 hours of light, 8-hour dark system;

14, timely delivery: accurately, on the basis, 3 -4 days delay for 24 hours; 5-6 days, 8-12 hours, 8-12 hours, 7 days to match.
15, summer boars need special nutrition, 10 per day to supplement the amine-based gravid, 25ml;

16, at least at least once every day, to observe the pig group once, timely find the empty and return Pigs are only, returning, abortion, empty pigs are only turned to match with grooves, and the sick pigs are treated in time, and do their own records.
17, doing a good disinfection work, each time with pig disinfection is spurted, 5 minutes wet.

The basic workflow and focus of the category

1, the delivery: piglets use the dry cloth to rub the mouth and the body, apply dry powder, put into the incubator to dry, stay After drying, it will give it to eat raw milk, especially for weak pigs;

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2, 24 hours Inside: Complete the teeth, pseudo rabies, broken tissue;

3, 24-48 hours, complete the foster work, adjust to 12 piglets per nest, grasp the principle of “not moving”

4, 5-7 years old: piglets to go, add material disc, gascraft for the first injection;

5, sow, tire vaccine: 14 days after childbirth / Lamar, 21 days of piglets;

6, everyday sow is on the bed, go to bed, ready to install the bed, hang the thermometer, hang a good card, put the old water in the bowl;
7, weade milk every Thursday: the first time inventory, the number of piglets, the public mother is weak; the sow card is fill in to the compartment, the piglet card is brought by the statistics; after weaning, it is timely rush, ready to go to bed next Tuesday.

8, Monday, 4 in time, disinfectant is 300ml per square.

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