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“High-fever” epidemic law research and impact on pig prices Zhang Ming pig “high-fever” In the past years, there is a high incidence of pry in my country, and the disease is mainly based on high heat, accompanied by high mortality, in June 1996-1997-2007. June mortality reached 80%. At present, the disease has become one of the major common diseases and multi-hazards that endanger my country pig industry. It not only brings direct economic losses to farmers, but also affects the growth and development of surviving pigs, causing abortion of sows and Infertility, affect the number of pigs in pigs and pig prices, causing huge economic losses to pig industry. Since the 1990s, the author has been chasing the epidemic law of high-fever in the 1990s. The author found that “high-fever” epidemiological law in the reference document and practical investigation is a decade of one-phase cycle, which is “V” in the cycle, and conservative therapy is the best countermeasure against “high-fever”. This paper analyzes the research and prevention of the disease of the disease of the disease for reference. I. Popularity Regular Survey author discovered that the disease was seriously explosive from 96 to 97 years, and death pigs were only consistent with the clinical symptoms and cases of death pigs in 06-07. The death pigs only. The author found that in many stages of ten years, the author founded that in 2004, the author consulted Shandong Agricultural University Xiao’s professor was criticized. Through the trace of the author, the disease is higher in 97 years. In 1998, in 1990, in 2001, some areas occurred in some areas. In 2002, there was almost no serious gaspathy. There were many staminated pigs after weaning, mainly panting prevention and control, June 2003, the author in Hunan Yongzhou It was found that there was a high-fertilizer death in breeding pigs. In 2004, the incidence rate was high in 2006-2006, in June 2007. The author found Jiangsu, Henan, Hebei, and Shandong region in 2008, in 2009, the cure rate was higher than that in 2007, so the author’s death rate decline in the disease in 2008-2011, the death rate of the disease in 2012-2017 Increment. In May 2012, the author visited Henan Shangqiu and Hunan Hengdong County Zhongyang Pig Farm. Since the temperature difference of the temperature in May, the temperature difference changed, the incidence rate, the dead rate is less, the disease is full of death, while investigating the scaleThere is almost no onset. The author invested “high-fever” in 2016 to 2017, it will be seriously influenced by national. At the same time, the author was surprised to find a lot of reports in 1977, 1987, “Red Leather”, the conclusion is high, high mortality; in 1997, Liu Aiguo and other reports of pig “red skin disease” occurred in early April and late September High disease rate, the author found that despite “red skin disease”, “red cell body disease”, “highly pathogenic blue ear disease” uses traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine. Analysis: Although the 1970s and 1980s and the 1990s were not developed, the importance of the country was not obvious, the scale of scale and the large scale of the pig were smaller, and the sick pigs did not pay enough attention. 2006 – 2007 “High-fever” shocked the country, reports after 2008, it is very happy to have a good effect in immunization in immunization. However, it has been reported that the report has been reported in recent decades for a period of one cycle, which will rise in June 2012. Everything is regular, not unordered, like an entropy value of inorganic chemistry. Like the outbreak of high-fever, pigs are high-yield animals, the age of pigs is generally ten years, with an annual output of 20-40 heads, can be described as many as grandchildren, if such quantity is quantified, the world will be a pig’s world. At the same time, the pig has evolved over 20,000 years, which has been tolerated to many diseases. If the pig has new diseases or variability diseases, it is incredible. In June 2007, the national explosive high-fever pigs were moved, reducing density, nursing, pathogenesis and mortality. In June 2006-2006 to June 2006, the author found that the national pig price was high, and the national pig price was low. The author approximately 01 years to 2007 death rates in 0, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 2008 – 2012 mortality in the mortality rate of 60%, 40%, 20%, and 0. During the low incidence rate, due to the increase in the number of pigs, there was no other reason for the first half of 2012, the price of pigs was quite low. Therefore, the disease is a regulatory lever that determines the number of pigs because pigs are high-yield animals, which meet the rules of natural dialectics and evolution theory. The author discovered that the disease is susceptible to different ages and varieties. However, the clinical symptoms after infection are very different. This disease is a high degree of contact infectious disease, which can be propagated through air. The main respiratory tract infection can vary vertically through the placenta, can be drained by feces, urine, Sneeze, saliva pollution drinking, feed, air, soil, pig houses and feeding management to spread viruses, staff can expand the epidemic area through vehicle clothes shoe cap, medical device. At the same time, the author finds that the alternating, long-distance transportation and the summer well water stress is caused by the pathogen of the disease. The author’s investigation found that the rapetic pig farm had a low incidence of pig farms in the prevention of gasproof. The author’s death pigs in the middle and small pig farms found that 30-40% of the death pig lungs were tried to change (from mycoplasma), while the entire lungs were large leaf pneumonia. The author’s alternating morbidity and mortality of abuse of tetracycline, chloamine, sulfonamine, third-generation fluoroquinolone antibiotics (Jiangxi Xinfei Hou boss) is high, because these antibiotics reduce pig resistance ability. Conclusion: “High-fever” morbidity and mortality is “V” by “V” in 2007-2017, and the author invested that the viral virulence is changed rather than the variation; the season alternating, long-distance transportation, and the summer well water is The root causes of the disease, expand the epidemic area, and vertically. Anti-controlling pig farm reduces pig mortality, abuse of antibiotics to reduce pig resistance to assist the disease. II. Clinical symptoms and pathological changes. I found that June 2002 to June 2012 symptoms adult sick pigs are pale, flourish, red, dark red, purple, dark red, red, flourish, pale The change process, the author is anatomy in May this year, it is pale (Xiao Wei, Xiaodian, Hengdong County, Hunan Province). At the same time, pig temperature is also in accordance with low to high to low changes. In May 2012, the author measures the adult pig as 39.5 ° C. Thus we can reasonabate that the disease is a serious case of pulmonary lesions. The reaction is reflected in the supply of oxygen, and the lesion is large leaf pneumonia, pulmonary mass and trachea, and the bronchi is filled with liquid to death. In addition, piglets and water-like diarrhea and intestinal mucosal edema are additional expression of high temperature. High fertilizer is easy to fattening, the whole body is red, the communication speed is fast, and the piglets and boars have been quickly infected after infection within one to two days. Third, the prevention and treatment of the strategies of the Statement of the Pig Farm of the onset and did not send high-fever found: 1. Injection of blue ear disease and the pig farm that did not inject blue-ear disease. Wang Bin et al. (2008) believes that existing vaccines is not the main effective means of preventing “high-fever”. Yuan Liping (2007) believes that fire extinguishing seeds can be immunized 28 days, norCan protect the piglet, and the piglet is mainly stored. The author also believes that “high-fever” is originally a conditional disease in which the number of pigs is adjusted. The protection of injection vaccine is not high; 2. Frequent disinfection and every month of disinfection, the main disease is mainly related to temperature differences There is a close relationship, and the disinfection can not understand the problem of temperature difference. It is conceivable to know; 3, use a dermal and unused pig farm to send; 4, establish and improve the pig farm in which the drug prevention procedure has not been sent or slightly . There is no drug procedure, abuse of tetracycline antibiotics, fluorbenidin, sulfonamides and third-generation fluoroquinolone (Enovoria), two or three compatible peaks are serious, and no medicine is saved, and Pig bacillus disease and cell acne disease have more onset. 5, reduce the breeding density, the season is alternating day and night temperature difference, low incidence is low in the evening (Hunan Yiyang Datong Lake Yao Shuangxi, etc.) The incidence is low. 6. The author uses the following scheme in the farm to achieve the ideal effect in 06 to 2007: 6.1, prevention and treatment of bacteria secondary infection, anti-viruses. Use Enno Sand + viralazole injection or cyprotin + viral Spirit. 6.2, replenishing the body fluid, prevent dehydration while preventing pigs from being hungry. Most pigs are starved to death, and must be added 5-8% glucose, oral accumulated salt or electrolyte, VC, and VE, and Astragalus polysaccharide. And take a pig activity every two hours, and drink water. 6.3, used in the mixture of rice test 100 ppm + amoxicillin 200PPM, 3% Yinqiao defeated, and use 5-7 days. 6.4, adding tartarica in drinking water 0.2g / l + Amoxi 0.2g / L free drinking water 7-10 days. In short, the development of scale and intensification leads to an increase in the macro density and microscopic density of pigs, and the motion of pigs is reduced, and the incidence of high temperature is increasingly focusing on the industry. Research “high-fever” epidemic law and control response is an important part of the sustainable development of pig farms. At the same time, the incidence of high-temperature disease is a comprehensive systematic management technology that needs to be resolved in the pig farm. Through my many years of pursuit and discovery, whether the disease is on the illness of experts, also requires experts’ research, but is amazing with the prevention of swine flu, and the law is almost the same as influenza virus disease. Since I have limited level, please readers to criticize guidance! mainReferences (omitted)
published in the “Veterinary Guide” No. 6
Shandong Agricultural University, epidemiology, reference

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