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Dogs’ belly hernia refers to the influence of the congenital developmental defects and the other factors of the inguinalization, and the abdominal content of the bellows is detached from the groin ring to the groin, and the limitations formed are called the groin trench. The pieces of hernia are mostly intestinal membranes, large reticulum and fat, etc., and some are in the abdominal organs such as bowel, uterus and bladder, and the like. The dog’s groin is more uncommon in the clinic. The situation in which it has occurred in various age groups. In the 5 years old, the incidence of female dogs is significantly higher than that of male dogs [1]. Although this disease is not very complicated in pathogenesis, pathogenesis and clinical manifestation, but due to its clinical high incidence, it is easy to neglect to it, even if it clinically performs alignment, it is easy to misdiagnose . Once the disease should be treated in time, it will cause the abdominal organ to take out more, easy to adhere to, clamp, blood stasis, necrosis, if you do not reset long-term, you can endanger life. It is now reviewed on its condition, diagnostic basis and clinical treatment.
1. 1.1 hereditary factors
The occurrence of congenital inguinal hernia is closely related to hereditary factors, which is due to the expansion of the inner ring in the groin, especially in some varieties. The incidence, such as the Beijing dog and Shari dog.
1.2-sex hormone factors
The occurrence of subsequent bellows may be related to the secretion of animal body sex hormones, mainly due to its sex hormone change
, the toughness and characteristics of connective tissue, so that the tension of the inner ring in the groin can weaken Expanded, according to our clinical observation, the incidence of female dogs is significantly higher than that of male dogs. The exact mechanism is still not very clear.
1.3 Mechanical factors
The occurrence of subsequent bellows may also be related to pregnancy, obesity, strenuous exercise and factors that increase abdominal pressure, etc., this
class factor can make the abdominal muscle pull, The abdominal wall is thin, followed by weakening the tension of the inner ring in the groin, and expands, and the abdominal content is inserted into the groin. [1].
2. Classification of hernia
2. Identity of inguinal hernia, the belt of the bellows, the abdominal content is referred to as the true belly trench, and the groip stopper wall is broken, the abdominal content material is removed by this rupture hole The subcutaneous is called a pseudo-groin [2].
2.2 The contents of hernia into the hydrogeneous cavity are referred to as indirect belly grooves; the contents of the sores are entered outside the sheath cavity through the groin and the sheath cavity.The direct groin trench [1].
3. Clinical symptoms
3.1 Systemic representation
Different dogs can be different from the degree of tens of the contents of hernia content, and their systemic performance is different. Mild,
less embedded or no embedded, its clinical manifestations, the occasional diameter abdominal pain, but the mental state is good, the food is normal, no other abnormal performance; medium degree, hernia content The adhesion or the degree of embedding occurs in the sheath occurs, its clinical manifestation is a medium-degree abdominal pain, abdominal wall tension, sensitive. Refuse to touch the abdomen, step arrest, shrink abdominal bow, occasional 呻吟 or uneasy, reduce vessel, severe, hernia content and sheath, severe adhesion or embedding degree and tension are more serious, and its clinical manifestation The abdominal pain of the heavyweight, the abdominal wall is nervous, sensitive, refuse to touch the abdomen, screaming from time to time, 呻吟, 呻吟 废, the operation is strong or the gait is unstable, the two rear limbs are weak, the body temperature is normal or low.
3.2 Hygotic performance
Dogs are located at the bottom of the mammary gland slightly below the mammary gland. Single-side or double-sided limiting ovals,
ridges in the early stage of the onset, more reproducible, soft and flexible, no heat painless, some can be self-contained In the abdomen, or after the animal is supine, it is mildly pressed, which can also be included in the abdominal cavity, and the murder disappears. When the ridge is repeatedly returned to the abdominal cavity or shrinking, it is mostly due to the inclusion of the hernia to be adhesive or caused by the inner ring in the groin. The nature of hernia content, the amount of pointer, and the degree of embedding are different, and the performance of its appearance is also different. The unspeakable constrained groin is difficult to discover or observe in the appearance, so it is prone to misdiagnosis, and delayed treatment. The appearance of the groin trenching hernia, the contents of the contents of the contents, the diameter can be 1 ~ 10cm Wait. The large groin pepsum can develop into the genitals in the round ligament. Causes the swelling of the genitals; the direct groin sheeppium the male dog can cause intravenous and lymphatic return to the intravenous and lymphatic return. Red pills and sorry swelling.
4. Diagnosis
4.1 fully understands the incidents of dogs and serious and meticulous clinical inspections in detail, which is the prerequisite for correcting inguinal hernia. For most cases, through detailed understanding of history, and meticulous local inspections, and combine the body’s system of dogs, it is not difficult to make correct diagnosis of the groin.
4.2Inspection of inspection of the body, less resequent bellows, there is generally no significant change, or even the mild abdominal pain symptoms and loss of appetite; in-in-in-intraperitoneal content The symptoms of her abdominal pain will be particularly obvious, and the motion state will also change. There is a bow waist, shrink abdomen, step arrest, etc., the diet is normal or decreased, generally will not have a high temperature rise; for intra-researable groin Hard pain, embedded belly trench, its abdominal pain symptoms will appear more prominent, appearing abdominal walls, sensitive, refuse to touch the abdomen, barking from time to time, squatting. Diet is reluctant, the operation is strong or the gait is unstable and the two rear limbs are weak, the body temperature is normal or low.
4. Local prosecution for groin trench hernia embedded in the abdominal cavity, and the procurators are easily diagnosed, and only the nature of the pieces of hernia is required. For the groin trench thumb, the cupping is naturally standing on the diagnostat, and the prudent is gently touched on both sides of the abdominal wall, observing the tightness of the abdominal wall, then take the supine posture, observe its natural state, The ridge of the groin on both sides. If the abdominal wall is nervous, the groin or bulge is not obvious on both sides of the grooves. At this time, the prudentian is gently pressing the abdomen, and the bulge will increase, sometimes it will increase Obvious, there may be obvious abdominal pain. For re-researable stockpads, most of them will touch the obvious hernon ring regardless of the embedding of hernia. When the contents of the hernia are not reset, other swellings, such as hematoma, abscess, tumor, lymph nodes should be considered in addition to whether the abdominal cavity content is embedded, such as hematoma, abscess, tumor, lymph nodes. The swelling should be tested for puncture or use X-ray flat and contrast techniques to detect the nature of the contents of the hernia [1].
5. Treatment
5.1 Conservative treatment
For researable groin dexta, abdominal cavity is less deprotected, the abdominal content is small, and the huan ring is small and can also be omitted in
Hard, it can take repeated pressures to collect the approach to conservative treatment.
5.2 Surgical Method
5.2.1 Baoding Take Side Intensive, requires the bitch to the top, the patient is again, and the left limb is lifted by the assistant.
5.2.2 Anesthesia is newly carried out with short-minded, with partial 0.25% hydrochloride to infiltrate anesthesia.
5.2.3The surgical site should be selected at the outer ring of the left groove, and the slit size is quite 2 to 4 cm in size.
5.2.4 Wrinkle-cutting skin side cut blood, blunt, peeling the skin and hernia, sufficient exposure of hernia, and then examined whether the contents of the hernia can also be toned. If you can still get it, it will also be tapping the sachet and hernia content. If the irritability is to be inspected, it should expand hernia due to the narrow of hernia, which should be peeled off due to the adhesion of hernia, necrosis Removal or repair should be performed. During the trim, the borehole sewings 2 ~ 3 needle clocks the groin outer ring, and then fully rinsed with 0.9% saline, sprinkle the sodium flavin powder. The nodules are sewed in the skin, and the incision is rubbed, and the binding bandage is loaded.
5.2.5 Medicinal muscle injection is 4 ~ 10 ml, intravenous injection of 0.9% physiological saline 250 ~ 1000 ml, pioneer necessarily 1 ~ 3 grams, Linger solution 250 ~ 500 ml [3].
5.3 Precautions:
When conducting surgery, first pay attention to the anatomical level of the site, do not damage the contents of the disease and the surrounding blood vessels, god
through the heroic; after sufficient exposure, check the contents of hernia There is no necrotic and embedded: When the embedded hernium is removed, the position of 10 to 11 points should be taken: the intraperitoneal content belt is not placed in the closed internal ring to avoid pulling pain after surgery. Influencing the surgical effect: For the female dog, the surgical procedure of the abdominal midline can effectively avoid damage to the breast, but also to the bilateral groin trench, and repair it through a slit.

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