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Short-term fed, refers to 10-14 days prior to the breeding of the reserve sow, and provides a feed amount of about 30% of the base feeding, which can increase the number of ovulation 2-3 Enumeration; if these multi-row of eggs can be converted to the fetus, then each child can increase 2-3 pigs.

However, this technology is not wide in production, there is two points, the first point is that the eggs that do not necessarily become fetus, the second is to operate.
With the improvement of pig technology and feeding management, the number of births and ovulation is increasing, and the multi-ovulation varies. It has been confirmed for many pigs, because in recent years The introduction of high-quality seeds have already had a high number of cubs; from this perspective, short-term fed applications are valuable.

But the problem is the second reason, which is difficult to produce the operation, but this difficulty is caused by the breeding management; the first is that many pigs are not asked for two times. Breeding, especially some big sows that are generally invictive, once the estrus will be breed, there is no opportunity to use short-term good-fed; followed by people do not pay attention to this technology, there is no detailed record of each sow. The third is because now the reserve sow is mostly a large circle, the sow of each lap is not estrus the same time, and the feeding is a good thing for some pigs, but it is a bad thing for some pigs.

Solving short-term good-fed problems, the following two methods can be used:

1, concentrated east, sows close to the estrus date, concentrated in a circle, because of the estrous date Close up, the date of the next estrus is also close, and the amount of fish after the last sow in this circle is increased, and other sows of the circle are also suitable.
2, using the same period estrus technology: to the reserve sow in the same circle, use progesterone to delay the estrus time of the sow, so that the same loop’s sow estrus is close, you can use short-term good forfeeding. (Search online, you can search online.)

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