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In the sow, there are many kinds of hormones associated with estrus ovulation, such as prostaglandin, ovulatin, yellow body, estrogen, progesterone, etc. In these hormones, prostaglandin is dissolved. The yellow body, reducing the secretion of progesterone, and the estrogen is relatively dominant, which will promote estrus; macroglura is to promote the mature egg, and the voxerizers are promoted in the egg; the front three hormones, although they are related to estrus, but not Will reflect estrus symptoms; so we use the above types of hormones, there will be no obvious estrus symptoms; estrogen is hormones that reflect estrus symptoms, and the amount of estrogen reaches a certain degree, it will show each Emospheric symptoms, such as standing uneasy, pussy redness, fluid, stretch reflection, etc.; progesterone is a hormone that maintains pregnant, normal case of progesterone is secreted by yellow body.

Through the introduction of several hormones, we will find that a simple hormone is difficult to solve the problem of not estrus of the sow; injecting estrogen can cause estrus, but not ovulation, no actual value.

Use hormone to solve the sow, the sow is not estrus, require several hormones to use; for example, use prostaglandin to dissolve the yellow body, then use the ovulatin (produce pregnant vessel serum) to promote follicles, estrogen let the mother The pig reflects estrus symptoms, and finally uses lurosium body (production with human chorionic gland hormone) to allow eggs, such use can lead to ovulation of the sow.
About hormone emotions, there have been many reports on the information, and the effect is indeed; we have also made a clear effect in the pig farm.
However, since hormone products are often large, they are expensive, and if they do not understand their hormones, they need to be carried out under the guidance of technicians during use, so as not to have disappeared.
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