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Solving the first measures of the sow is not estrus, it is to regulate the nutrients of sows.

Here, the nutritional factors in two aspects are, one is the sow, the other is vitamins affecting estrus.

As mentioned earlier, the reserve sow is the most suitable of the thickness of 130-140 kg, the thickness of the back is 17-20mm; more than or lower than this indicator will affect the estrus of the sow; So the primary measure is to restore the sow to the normal 膘 范围 scope; the following table is based on the nutrition regulation scheme according to the sow:

Physical condition evaluation (kg / d) 1.0 + 0.61.5 + 0.42.0 + 0.32.5 +
The following figure is the counter thickness and score corresponding to

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Since the visual measurement is prone to errors, it is best to use the backpoint measurement as accurate.

Vitamin E, also called biopoly, in vivo content will affect the secretion of maternal pig promoting follicle hormones, which affects the maturation of the egg; if there is a lack of vitamin E, there will be a ripe egg; even if you use privacy Hormones, sows can only estrineally, without ovulation; so, the sow that is not estrus, add or inject vitamin E in the feed, can promote sow eradication.

After the emotional resumption of normal and adding vitamin E, the sow is generally estrus within a while, and can be populated with the tires.

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