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As mentioned earlier, the rear preparation of the pig is not estrus. First, from nutrition, energy and protein in conventional nutrients, solve the physical condition of pigs; simultaneously solve the problem of reproductive system from vitamins. Mainly to add vitamin E.

But only considering nutrition problems, solving problems will be very long, this is not a pig man looking forward, and some immediate measures are needed to speed up the estrus of the sow. Today, the second measures are introduced – exercise.
This movement is not a pig, but must have a certain amount of exercise. For a pig who will not sweat, gasping is a means of measuring exercise; if it is driving, let the pig run up It can clearly see the sow’s symptoms of the sow; but the amount of exercise should not be too large, otherwise it is necessary to say that too violent movements may cause the pig.

Another way of motion is the car movement, take a pig, and the car is 10 to 20 kilometers on the road; the car chooses the large agricultural vehicle that vibrates, the road is selected by the road. In this way, the effect is better than the flat pavement and a small vibration.

Many of our people have taken the way of sports, and they have not seen a particularly obvious effect. It is often insufficient exercise.
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