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White fat meat chicken is high, it is the most direct factor that leads to failure of farming. With the increasing expansion of scale-based chicken farms, more and more farms have begun to pay attention to the daily health care of the chicken. But there are many time, respiratory diseases are unrestrained.

The reason for the high hair of the chicken group:

First, environmental factors induce the respiratory tract

1 season climate change, day and night temperature difference is large It is easy to cause a high temperature in the house, and the chickens are frequently affected, leading to the decline in resistance, which provides favorable conditions for viral intrusion.

2 Chicken is ventilated, and the toxic and harmful gas concentrations are too high, such as ammonia, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide concentration is too high, easy to cause the chicken disease.

3 The sun is long, the temperature is suitable, suitable for the growth of pathogenic microorganisms in the environment.

4 air is dry, the humidity in the house is not enough, dust is foray, and it is easy to damage the chicken respiratory mucosa.

5 broiler did not expand in time, the breeding density is too large, and the chicken is also caused.

Second, itself

The vaccination is vaccinated when the chicken group is in the sub-health state, which is easy to cause respiratory disease. If the treatment is not timely, it is easy to succeed in Escherichia coli, and mycoplasm.

The existence of immunosuppressive disease also affects the immune effect of the chicken group, such as infectious richest cystic disease, leukemia, mesh endothelial tissue hyperplasia, Ma Like, infectious anemia, sausama Immunosuppressive disease such as lonel virus disease can destroy the immune system of the chicken, so that the chicken is immunosuppressed.

Third, the respiratory mucosa is damaged

When the respiratory mucosa is stimulated by an external adverse environment, it will damage the respiratory mucosa so that it cannot serve as normal immune protection. Further, a respiratory pathogen is initiated.

Environmental factors induced respiratory tract, can be improved by strengthening feeding management, the cause of the chicken is improved by improving the disease, but when the body’s respiratory mucosa is damaged, it is we neglected.

In addition, some exemptionThe occurrence or mold infection of the disease can result in low immunity, body fluid immunity, muclease immune response ability in cellular immunity, indirectly induce respiratory disease. So the long-lasting respiratory tract, don’t ignore mycosic toxins.

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