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Rex rabbit specialty premix requires comprehensive consideration of the physiological characteristics of rex rabbits and breeding characteristics, and the rabbit is a special premix, which significantly improves the daily weight of the rex rabbit, improves the feed conversion, speeding up the growth rate, and adds the rabbit to the rabbit. The premix and the non-added pre-mixing group are compared, the daily gain increased by 7%, the feed conversion increased to 1: 2.5, and the quality of the rabbit skin was significantly improved, and the change period was shortened by 5-7 days, bloating, diarrhea. By comparing after 1 month, significantly reduced more than 35%.

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Rex rabbit premix

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Rabbit reproduction period uses a special premix for breeding rabbit, the reproductive performance is significantly improved, with a variety success rate of more than 90%, and the price increase 8%, weaned milk averaged 1.2 pounds. At the same time, the rabbit disease is significantly reduced, bloating, and diarrhea is almost no, and the balance of the intestines through probiotic micro-ecology is significantly reduced, and the quality of the rabbit is reflected. It is significantly improved, and the respiratory disease is effective to reduce the incidence of 30%.
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Masterbun Premix

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