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The yellow powder has a good bactericidal effect as a commonly used fish medicine. It is very convenient to use, which can treat many fish diseases, such as rotten diseases, rotten fins, etc., have certain treatments for enteritis. effect. The yellow powder is commonly known as the scientific name is furan and furanone. If you usually find some of your fish, you can isolate the diseased fish, and sprinkle some yellow powder into the treatment.

There are a lot of fish friends who don’t know how to use the fish after being sick, and they are too afraid that there is no effect. I have more concern to harm to the fish. I will share some common fish medicine with you. Dosage knowledge.

First explanation, usually mentioned that most fish friends of the yellow powder will be equal to the ivionic Woods. In most cases, it is right, but there are exceptions. Because the yellow powder drugs are other, such as Lifan Nuozo, there is a situation is that there is another kind of other drugs but it is yellow, because there is a percentage content, so it is not a fake medicine. If you have a sunlight in the sun, it is probably a furangnilu.

The main ingredient of domestic yellow powder is furan, which belongs to nitrofuran, and is the lowest price. Although it is low, the drug is good, but the toxicity of this drug is a big problem, it belongs to the largest ratio of nitrofuran drugs. The toxicity level reaches high toxic, so I saw a lot of fish friends, and the back is cold.

Relative to Japanese yellow powder, good effect, small toxicity, and use it according to his instructions, it is very good. Because of its main component is sodium furan sodium oxolate, the same belongs to nitrofuran, but toxicity is the second position of the series of drug retroats.

Powder product description, first of all, we must know what the yellow powder is, the main role, and the amount can be treated. It belongs to a conventional fish medicine. Everyone understands it.

黄 药 的 药

【别 名】 新 新; 喃 星; Nitrofuran 腙; furan, nitrogen

[traits and stability] bright yellow Crystalline powder; odorless, lightweight, bitterness. The color of the daylight is deep yellow. Extremely slightly soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, dissolved in alkaline solutions, gradually changed to dark brown,The acid and alkalinity of the saturated aqueous solution is 5.5 to 7.5.
[Pharmacology] This product can interfere with the sugar metabolic process of bacteria and the oxidase system to play antibacterial or sterilization, mainly interfere with the early stage of bacterial sugar metabolism, leading to bacterial metabolism and death, its antibacterial spectrum Cascador, there is antibacterial effect on a variety of Gram-positive and negative bacteria, and the antibacterial resistance of the Pseudomacteria is weak, and there is a drug resistance of pseudocentrospore and deformate. In vitro energy inhibits a general bacteria, it can be bacteria at high concentrations, and external flushing treatment is infected with skin diseases. The effect is satisfactory. The number of bacteria is greatly reduced after administration.

[Medical furant, usage] 1.5PPM full pool sprinkled, 20 ppm for 15-30 minutes, 50ppm for 10-20 minutes. 0.01% ~ 0.02% solution was applied to the wound.
PPM = 1 mg / kg = 1 mg / L, PPM is an abbreviation of English PartsPermillion, commonly used to represent gas concentrations, or solution concentrations. The translation is part of each million points, which means a million (few), or is called millions of points. Such a kg of solute is contained in a solution of 1 ppm, i.e., 1 million kilograms. Like the content represented by the percentage (%), it is just that its proportion is larger than the percentage.

[Indications] Pelicuria (printed), bacterial rotten rickets, red skin disease, bacterial infectious vertical squamous sickness, fined curtain disease, skin inflammation, chickenpox disease, cave disease White mouth white mouth disease.

Prevention and treatment of objects and methods:

1, 1-2 grams per 100 pounds, make a bait feeding, feeding a course every half month, 3 days per 1 course, Enteritis can be prevented;

2, with 50,000 concentrations of this product bath fish for 10 minutes, can prevent red skin, rotten, enteritis, etc.


1. Try to select the isolation of the diseased fish alone, the amount is slightly micro-blood, and if the fish is in good condition, it can be properly increased. The fish friends who have too much yellow powder have experience: the water is too strong, and there is no significant improvement in the water. Sometimes there may be a case where the fish will exacerbate after the drug, which is due to excessive use.
2, when the medicine bathIt is preferably 15-30 minutes, but the premise is to add yellow powder to the water before the fish medicine, and stir it to make the agent after sucking the water, and the general medicine is just beginning. The more active reaction, the proven agent has begun to take effect, pay attention to observe the fish to avoid tragedy, the longest should not exceed 30 minutes, especially in the winter, the warm indoor water temperature will fall rapidly, which is no longer in the treatment of fish.

3, the yellow powder belongs to powder drugs, which will cause the koi fish in the koi fish after dissolution, so you have to make an oxygen, no matter how no medicine is filtered, 100L (that is, 100kg) water about 1G yellow powder After filtering, it is possible to change the water. If the treatment, please change 1/2 water for 2 consecutive days.

Recommended 黄 黄 黄:


1, indoors or light shielding use: under a light or low brightness light conditions, the yellow powder drug is dissolved in water The concentration can remain in a week without a large change; under high brightness or light conditions, the concentration of the agent will decrease rapidly.
2, the temperature is adjusted to 20 ° C or more: the yellow powder can function in water in 15 degrees or more, and the efficacy of 20 degrees or more can be all played.
3, pH does not exceed 9: The yellow powder is stable in weak acidity, but the alkaline water does not matter, as long as the pH does not exceed 9, there is no problem.

Recommended treatment method

1, alone medicine It is to pick up the sick fish out of a separate medicated bath, and then flush back to the original pool with the original pool water.
2, dosage: Slightly slightly yellowing yellow is suitable, if the fish is not good, it can be properly increased. If the amount of yellow powder is too large, the water is yellow, and the frequent exchange of water can not improve significantly, and sometimes the fish died after the drug after medication.
3, medicated bath time: It is advisable to 15-30 minutes, but the premise is to add yellow powder to the water before the fish medicine, stirred to make the agent after sucking the waterMedicated bath. Recommended: methionine

can be used together with methyl blue, salt, specifically:

1,100 liters of water added to methyl blue 5-10 ml, yellow powder 1-2 grams, 0.1% -0.2% of salt;

2, water temperature does not exceed 30 ° C, 24 hours to change water;

3. During the medicated bath, it is necessary to increase oxygen, exposure, and it is best not to put the bait.

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