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General fur animals are reproduced once a year, so the quality of the breast breeding directly affects the economic benefits of fur animal breeding. The breeding season of fur animals such as foxes, scorpions and mines is in spring. After entering in December, it is the preparation stage of the selected fur animal species. In the cold winter, we must do a good job in breeding and breeding in the coming year. This stage of management is extremely important to improve the reproductiveness of the mother. This stage of management is now introduced for reference for farmers.
First, the deworm and epidemic prevention work In order to ensure the health of the beast, in general, in the past a month before the breeding (ie, the next year from the beginning of February), the population should make a general deworming and epidemic prevention, Internal and outer parasites and digestive pathway liner, dribbus (with red cells), generally do deworming work before vaccination to prevent immune effects of vaccine due to parasites.
The epidemic prevention is mainly to prevent dog-resistant and viral enteritis. These two diseases have extremely serious damage to the fur animal aquaculture industry, and there is currently no special treatment drugs. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent vaccine. In the winter, I also need to inject pneumonia vaccines, and the fox is an encephalitis vaccine. In addition, some microecological live bacterial preparations can play a good role in prevention of some common diseases.
Second, reasonable adjustment of physical condition has a close relationship with the physical health status of fur animals, so the physical condition of adjusting the beast is important to improve the feeding power, the adjustment requirements of the physical condition are Before the breeding, the population is generally mainly moderate, the beast is suitable for medium and slightly, and the mother beast is suitable for medium slightly off, and the physical condition for the beast should often observe and measure. Medium-specific breast belly is not depressed, and there is no fat accumulation and sagging, and the body is well and flexible, and the exercise is flexible, and the appetite is normal. Submite and 貉 body conditions can be measured according to the weight index, ie the body weight of the unit (breeder heavily gram / body length centimeter), the ideal physical condition is 24-26 grams, fox, 貉100-110 grams, for the beast of overfertile, can take the weight loss of fat content, enhanced exercise, etc. in the feed amount or feed. Those beasts should increase nutrition, increase feeding, strengthen heat preservation, to top the weight, so that they have achieved ideal physical condition before breeding. Be sure to control in the process of adjustment, avoid largeThe change in the feed should be gradually carried out.
Third, appropriate increase in the development of light fur animal reproductive organs has regular changes, in the preparation of the breeding period, should put the beast in the back of the wind, as much as possible to accept the illumination of natural light, sufficient Light photos can make the beast estrus advance. However, pay attention should not be used to increase or reduce illumination
. Strengthening sports movement can enhance physical fitness, eliminating excessive fat, and also playing the role of increasing illumination, often exercising alcohol quality, breeding Be strong, the mother beast is normal, and the breeding is smooth. Therefore, it is possible to deliver its strengthening exercise before feeding daily.
Five, do a good job in cold and heat preservation work, prevent cold and heat preservation work, cold and insulation for fur animal species to maintain a good breeding situation, enhance disease resistance, and reduce diseases. There must be sufficient pads in the nest box of the beast, the gap should be blocked, prevent the thief to invade, and encounter the snow weather to actively take measures to strengthen the insulation, practice prove, the cold and heat preservation is good, so that the beast is estrus, 5-10 days. Do a good job in environmental sanitation, the venue should often clean the food appliance regular disinfection, while ensuring adequate cleaning water, 貉貉 喂 日 1 time in November, enter in December, the food intake is increasing, entering non-sustained hibernation, It can be fed once a day or 2 days, starting 2 times a day from mid-January.
Six preparation of breeding post-feeding is mainly adjusted nutrients, balance, although the number of diet does not need to increase, but the quality needs to be appropriately improved. At this time, the day grain standard should be 921-1047 kgwes, including about 75% of animal feed, and composed of fish, meat, meat, eggs, etc., can accounted for 20-32% of vegetables. 2-3% or less. In addition, 1 gram of cod liver oil should also be supplied (including vitamin A 1500 international unit, yeast 4-6 grams, malt, 10-15 grams of malt, 1 ml of cotton, or vitamin E 5 mg, green onion 2 grams “salt 0.5 grams Due to most of the preparation of the period, it is in the cold season, in order to prevent the feed to freeze easy to eat, usually fed twice, 50% over the day, about 60% night, should not be charged once. On the feed processing, Particles are large, consistency is strong, preferably temperatureThe mixture is fed and fed immediately. Scan the QR code below, more surprises waiting for you! ! !

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