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Everyone remembers a ring ring is used to raise her sheep. This sentence is to say that when building a sheep circle, we must build according to his ability, do not build a very gorgeous, general gorgeous thing. It is very empty, we build a goat’s purpose is to raise the sheep, and the sheep is used to raise sheep, so it should take the material of local price and good material to build. Basic requirements are to avoid wind, separation, and rainy snow. Basic data of the sheep circle: Each coat area does not exceed 100 flat. There is no more than four consecutive rows. There is a separate entry and exit channel, and the sheep is not between 3-2.2 meters. Users who use the sheep bed should be higher, the users who do not use the sheep bed in the north should be between 2.5-3 meters. Roof grasses are 2-5%. Circle top water is not recommended to the event venue. When the conditions permit, the feed should be disposed in the circle. The feeding channel is preferably around 1.5 meters. There is a relatively robust fence in the event site. Various can effectively prevent sheep, the materials such as wood sticks, steel pipes, of course, if you have a lot of money, it is very beautiful with stainless steel. The height of the fence should be around 1.2 meters, preferably tilted inward. Lack of indispensable facilities: 1: Disinfection equipment: including disinfection, use in disinfection; disinfecting pool (car) for external disinfection; sprayer and no less than three disinfectant drugs. Population usage, specially strengthened disinfection habits, 2: Common drugs: the common diseases of respiratory systems, digestive systems are mainly prepared for infectious diseases. The Specific Name Technology Department is available. 3: Feeding machine: such as a pulverizer, a granule, a mixed grass (material) machine, etc. Feed Preparation: Grass must be mainly the most widely signed grass. There is no best way to grass, and scientific match is the best. Sheep is so good, there is less sick, so many people choose to raise sheep. About two years ago, the price of sheep is high, and there are also many national subsidies. So many people should go to work, they will return to the village to raise sheep … I have money, I will not say, let’s take, but Many migrant workers come, so hard to have a hard money, I as a person who raised 5 or 6 years, I can’t bear to see you lose money, so I published some of my own views here. Nowadays, the neighborhood of raising sheep is just looking to see the face. Many people have less than 100,000 yuan in a pocket but call to build a sheep circle how to scale. I would like to ask, your scale sheep is coming out, you can’t raise the sheep? How much do you want to buy a sheep? Don’t get caught it, you can raise 20The sheep in the sheep, but a 10 sheep. Maybe you will say that I don’t look at the sheep now, but I am breeding the ewes, I have been over a few years. I laughed, laughing your innocent childish. Do you raise sheep? Is it because the idle egg hurts to send time? Dry this bitter industry, you don’t make money, your brain is sick? Let me have analyze you –1, the country strongly supports the aquaculture industry in the first two years, or more or less subsidies, so trigger a peak of breeding? Why did you know now? The sheep is a business, and the business will pay attention to fast, only this can earn money. So, first go to the sheep, you can sell the sheep in a short time, so you can make money properly. Nice profits, don’t think. Sailophous, gold alphabets is not as good as the night. 2, the rare sheep will see the fastest and one year later, what come to life in this year? Maybe you have private houses, maybe you have part-time job, maybe you have a old lady or wife you have to eat. If this is not these, you can’t help but sell several sheep to be a living fee? Selling year, how is your over? 4, the family has a million gasping, no one can guarantee it to become a money? You can guarantee your ewec to press and click on the next few children you want? The lamb’s survival rate is 100%? The paper will take the pen will be more objective, you save you, you save you, the first year of raising sheep, because your ignorant, there will be a lot of sheep, this is the so-called tuition fee. Still change the topic, the one is too hit! No one wants to look at it, it is also practical. But what kind of way is it better? Gorgeous, ventilation, sheep bed, automatic scraper, automatic water dispenser, etc. Too much too much. Don’t forget, the area is different, you don’t have to use it. For example, there are a fart when you do the sheep booler? If you spend money, you will clean it on your own. I didn’t see it without bed in the north? Tell you, there is no sheep bed in the north to dry clean. In a word, don’t pursue useless, practical is what you are most need. How to use it? Very simple, you can ask more questions around you. I don’t believe that there is no sheep nearby. How many years ago? Tibetan, Mongolian, all the people who have a living in grazing, who have a richerstone sheep circle? No good sheep is still not raised

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