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Vitamins play an important role in the production of chickens, such as when the stress response, chronic disease, etc. When the chicken group has a stress reaction (such as vaccination, transition, etc.), 10% of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin C should be added more.
When the chicken group has chronic disease (such as a chronic respiratory disease), 10% of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C should be added more.

Add 5% vitamin A1 in broiler feed, improve feed remuneration, which is conducive to speeding up the growth and development speed of chickens; for chicks, the more low vitamin A in the feed, the lower, chicken coccidi The higher the incidence, so in the feed, 20% of the vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C should be added to the feed when the chicken is disease.

When the chicken is fat, 5% choline and 10% polyvilitrate are added to the time of fatty liver syndrome.

In hot summer, 2% of the vitamin C is added to the chicken feed, which can improve the disease resistance of chicken body, reduce the temperature of the chicken, improve production performance, and reduce stress reactions.

During the peak of its layout, the eggs should add 2% vitamin B2; to increase the hardness of the eggshell, except for the addition of 2% calcium in the feed, 2% should be added more Vitamin A, vitamin C.

When the chicken group occurs, when cocci is ill, there should be more than one amount of versatile in the feed. Veterinary drug agents

When a certain vitamin deficiency occurs, the amount of vitamin in the feed should be three times the amount of constant.

The amount of vitamins in the seeds of the seeds should be twice the amount of vitamins in the seeds of chicken feed.

Generally, the cage of chickens is to add 10% polyvillens than those of the scorpion.

Feed If the use time is too long (more than January), 5% to 10% of the versatus should be added to make up the loss of vitamins.

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