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After the epidemic, Lianyunganghai District, in accordance with the requirements of the African Pig Purchase Emergency Plan, according to the Agricultural Rural Department Start emergency plans, overnight action, organizational zone, town, village cadres to investigate the situation of pigs, publicity policies, and quickly carry out campaign and harmless work. Under the guidance of the agricultural rural department and the provincial agricultural committee, as of 14577 in the epidemic area, 14577 head pigs have been strictly clicked in accordance with the technical procedures of agricultural rural ministry and implement harmless treatment. The compensation of the pigs has been started synchronously and will compensate as soon as possible.
One. Three-game definition

Field 1 – refers to a breeding pig house, pregnancy pig house, and a breastfeeding pig house.

Field 2 – refers to a small breast pig house.

Field 3 – Refers to Youth Braided Big Pig House.

II. Farm employee

1. In addition to the layman workers in the room, anyone else can not stay in the pig house and must not carry food into the production area;

2. Farm employees should arrange accommodation reasonably, and the demand for work areas and accommodation should be implemented.
3. Production area staff must not work part up to any other livestock and poultry companies, and the home must not be raised to rest.
4. Production area staff must return to the farm 48 hours before starting, and the pet should not touch them 8 hours before going back.
5. All people entering the production area must use the shampoo shower every time you enter, and completely replace the clothes. Personal supplies are not allowed to be born with the veterinary license outside the phone.
6. If the staff of the production area, if you have access to outsiders, foreign pigs and pork products, or doubt that they have the possibility of infection, then they must also shower, more clothes, and to enter the pig house again after 48 hours.
Three. Foreign visitor and non-production area

Excellent visitors and those who have been non-production areas have not allowed to enter the production area without veterinary and farm managers. All visks that are allowed to enter must be registered and followed by the following quarantine interval.Inter-limit:

External personnel enters the pig, the pig house laboratory interval 96 hours 72 hours 48 hours

Date Name Work Unit Funds last contact Pig and other pollutants time, location

Four. Various vehicles

1. The vehicles that pull the animals and the dead animal products are not allowed to enter the gate. All of the bus vehicles (especially pulling pigs, even pulling the pig) close to the field area. Unless they are strictly disinfected by farm.
2. All laughter pigs, eliminated pigs, and pigs such as pigs must be strictly disinfected and cleaned before entering the field, and 12 hours after drying.
3. The car of the paid and pulls other debris can only stop in the gate of the work area outside. It is best to send a fixed vehicle to the first morning of Monday morning. All of these trucks should not raise pigs, and should not live in any pig farm.
4. If the vehicle has no need to be repaired, it should be washed with high pressure cleaning and then stopped 24 hours. After returning to the field, you have to cleanse and disinfect it. Only after strict compliance with the above treatment can only be used again.
5. When the feed transport vehicle in the field is more than one, it is necessary to delineate the service area of ​​the vehicle, and must not cross the use.
6. Feed transport vehicles should be cleaned. After work every day, clean the top of the vehicle, cover the top cover, prevent birds from foraging and excreted on it.
Five. Control of buildings and insects

All buildings should have anti-bird facilities, including the turning pig corridor, there must be anti-bird design, and often insecticides and rodents. Keep indoor hygiene clean. The silo turnover is cleaned in time, and the feed on the ground is allowed to more than one day, so as not to bring flying birds and insects.
6. Vaccines and veterinary drugs

Only a vaccine with pharmaceutical companies with international reputation. Vaccines and immunotypes using any other company must have a license for company veterinary. The use of veterinary drugs must strictly follow the company’s veterinary drug use guide.
Seven. Dinner

1. The outside of the loading and unloading station should be unidirectional, oncePigs out are not allowed to come back.
2. When using the loading and unloading station, the pig house staff must not cross the boundary and shall not be imported from the loading and unloading table.
3. When using the loading and unloading station, the inside and outside the inside and other people should not move at all, and those people inside and outside the loading and unloading of pigs cannot be directly contacted.
4. After the vehicle outside the loading and unloading table, after being dragged away, it should immediately cleanse and disinfect the parking. Dressing tools and rubber shoes should be worn when loading pigs. After loading the pig, all clothes should be cleaned immediately.
5. The loading and unloading station should be equipped with a special cleaning machine.
8. Isolated pig house

Newly selected reserve pigs and transported breeding pigs should be placed first in isolation, arrange specialists, and conduct biochemical and epidemic prevention monitoring.
Nine. Feed management

1. All feed entries have previously been biochemically safe testing, and the ingredients of feeds periodically detected the ingredients of the feed to prevent suspicious diseases.
2. Feed should be at least one week before feeding.
3. It is forbidden to use bone powder and non-particulate feed. Use spray dry plasma and dry blood products to have a written permission of farm venues.
4. In the field, there should be a vehicle specially transported into the silo. The feed bag is not allowed to bring the production area and pig house without disinfection.
5. Common antibiotic drugs and water are not added in the feed. If you get a pre-notification license from the veterinary, you can add it under the guidance of a veterinary in a short period of time. It is also necessary to minimize antibiotic injection, observe the discrimination date of all antibiotics.
Ten. The treatment of dead pigs

Dead pigs must meet local relevant regulations. Burning is the best solution, but if you take deep embedding measures, you must be completely complete, and you have to cover strict. To set up special person, and develop rules and regulations.
Eleven. Water source

The farm water source must be deep water or lake. The pig farms must be bleached, and there must be special person to monitor. If you use a reservoir, you must use a closed, while you want to bleach.
Twelve. Turning pigs in the field

1. Turning pigs in three fields, there should be special vehicles in the field, and can only be used to turn pigs. The vehicle should be cleaned after usePoison, then parking in the designated area after drying over a certain period of time can be used again.
2. Pigs can only reverse the cluster: that is, from the field 3 to the field region 2, from the field 2 to the field area 1. From the field 3 go to the field area 1, isolation, quarantine and adaptation are required.
Thirteen. Mobile

1 in three fields. The staff of the regions in the region can only flow in the region in principle in the same day.
2. The work area of ​​employees is generally not performed in one day, and the exchanged employees must replace new or clean work in work in the beginning of the new work area.
3. In the field management personnel to check the production area, only to one area per day.
4. The company’s production supervision, veterinarians, and foreign visits to visit the work route:

Care pig house – rear binding – production room – with a seed – big pig house

Disease diseases, regional and pig houses should be arranged in the last visit.
14. Other regulations

1. All pets and field animals are not allowed to bring an admission area.
2. Except for visitors will not enter the living area.
3. A disinfection basin is set up at the import and export of each production area to replace the boots before entering the pig house.
4. The remains of the canteen, especially meat and meat products, must be treated by special people.
5. Any pig beef and its meat and its meat do not have to take into the pig farm. All the pigs who have been eliminated farm self-sustain can not drag out of the farm and then dragged back to the kitchen.
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