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518 raising the sheep network, the principle of the rescue, the principle of removing the fetus, saving the ewes, fighting to reach the mother and child; protect the reproductiveness of theother, avoiding maneuvery infection and injury. Pay attention to strict disinfection during the midwife. When correcting the abnormal posture of the fetus, try to push the fetus back into the uterus and push back to the intermittent period of the mushroom strain. The process of pulling out the fetus should use the else of the ewa to maintain a good meeting. When the birth is dry, it is easy to pull out or push back the fetus, and a large amount of soapy water or oil or other lubricant should be perfused in the proactive. If you need a surgical midwifery or caesarean section, it will be earlier. Preoperative examination must be carefully, and correctly determine the causes of bad products, and decisively adopt corresponding assistance measures.
Common difficulty in mass production, animal, animal, labor, and fetal nature. The first two categories were caused by the abnormality of the mother, such as the mastonition of the mother and the weakness, stamping and breaking the water, the uterus, vaginal and negative stenosis. The latter difficulty is caused by the abnormality of the fetus, such as: the fetus is too large, fetal malformation and development abnormalities.
The introduction of several of several ewes in clinical, and the midwifery method is described below:
1, stamping and weakness, it is the shortage of sheep due to small shrinkage of the uterus and abdominal walls during childbirth, short and intensity Not enough, causing the fetus to produce. In the case where the subcoups have been fully opened, the fetal direction, the fetal position and the fetal domain are normal, and if the pelvic is narrow or other abnormalities, if the fetus is causing the fetus with hands and instruments, it can be used to stimulate the hyster contraction using an oxytyic drug. Usually oxytocin, muscle or subcutaneous injection, 5-10 units, half an hour each time. If the oxygen is invalid, it is necessary to cross the vented.
2, when the fetal head neck or lower bend, the forelimb flexes or shoulders are in front of the shoulder, after the handlers are disinfected, they extend into the vagina to completely push the fetus into the uterine cavity, put the head, and put two The forelim is straightened, makes the nose, lips and the two foreigns into the soft road, and then pull out the fetus.
3, if the fetus is in front of the fetus, while pushing the fetus into the uterine cavity, hold the two-rear hoove with hands, and pull straight into the soft road, then pull out the fetus.
4, if the ewec is the uterus torsion, the vaginal stenosis, the pelvic stenosis or deformation is required, and the caesarean section is required.
Preoperative, the surgeon’s hand, arm, equipment, the insective sheep, and the venue should be strictly disinfected as required. The surgical site should be selected between the knee wrinkle wall and the milk vein. Turn the skin and muscle layers, cut the peritone, and the incision is 15-20 cm.After opening the abdomen cavity, the sip of the uterus is taken out of the abdominal wall cut, along the big bend, and pull out the amniotic fluid, take out the fetus. The peeling of the uterine hawwear is around the gown, and the uterine cavity places 80-1 million unit penicillin. Then stitch the uterine incision and placed in the abdominal cavity, and placed 200,000 unit penicillin in the abdominal cavity. Finally suture, muscle layer and skin. Pay attention to the nursing of the ewa after surgery, prevent infection. (518 raised sheep network)

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