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The fox is an ominable animal, of which things such as small fish, minced meat are common feed, but when feeding fish feeds for fox, not only pay attention to these feed quality, but also pay attention to match, feeding Method, etc., the specific precautions are as follows: 1. Note the quality of the fish feed
The fat containing fat containing fish feed is lower than the meat, but the proportion of unsaturated fatty acids is compared Large, so oxidation, thereby forming a substance that is harmful to the fox. For this reason, it is taboo to feed the marble fish feeding (whether it is a sea fish or freshwater fish).
If the vency has a long-term feeding fish feed, it is easy to cause a variety of vitamin deficiency, especially fat tissue and abscess, especially fat tissue and abscess, etc., which will lead to the fertility of fox. There is a significant decline.
If the fox is fed to this kind of feed during pregnancy, it will cause adverse consequences such as the mother and beast empty, dead tires, rotten tires and embryo absorption.
2. Note rational match
During the feed of fish feed, farmers need scientific and reasonable mixed fish species, and prove the various fish production practices, and the production effect of a single fish for a long time is not as good as feeding. The effect of feeding the hybrid fish, feeding fish species with high fat content, It is better to use fish with low fat content, if the effect is good, if 60% ~ 70% fish and 30% ~ 40 % Of the meat is mixed, and its production is better.
3. Feeding method must be used
In the fish feed used in our province, there are two kinds of frozen sea butter fish and freshwater fish, and the frozen sea butter fish should be prostatented, select, wash away the soil and pollution After the matter, crush and feed.
Freshwater Fish (especially carp fish) contains a substance called a thiomerase, which can destroy the sulphicin (vitamin B1) in the feed, and long-term feeding will lead to the vitamin B1 deficiency of the fox. .
To this end, heating treatment should be taken before feeding, it is best to use high pressure to cook or use a rice cooker to evaporase, do not use water. If fresh fresh water fish is backed with cooked, increase the amount of yeast to make up for the shortcomings of vitamin B1.
4. Pay attention to picking a poisonous fish
When using the sea-butar fish feed, to pick the toxic fish, the common poisonous fish has puffer fish, muslobia, etc., all toxic fish can’t be used Fox’s feed.
There are many diseases in some freshwater fish, such as bacterial rottenDisease, bacterial enteritis, red skin disease, etc.

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