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First, scientific feeding management
The herdsmen implemented reasonable feeding management, they can make the growing growth and breeding. Guaranteed sheep has a very good physical fitness, with strong disease resistance, which greatly improves the benefits. A very effective way is to give the sheep long-term edible sheep special nutritional tiles, preferably use a variety of mineral trace elements. Mainly to improve the resistance and immunity of the sheep.
Second, we must pay attention to environmental health
The management of traditional herders raised sheep is usually extensive, and the environment is filthy and dirty. This not only makes mosquitoes and other insects, but also brew the disease former microorganisms and parasites. It also pollutes the sheep feed and drinking water, resulting in the occurrence and propagation of the disease. Large-scale raised sheep should pay attention to improving environmental sanitation conditions, often cleaning the ground, replacing the grass, and pay attention to ventilation, keep the sheep clean, dry and hygiene, the feces and dirt of the sheep should be accumulated.
Third, to regular disinfection
herds, wall, fence, and sheep sports venue, as well as utensils, mechanical equipment to perform regular disinfection. Under normal circumstances, disinfect one to twice a week. If there is an epidemic, it is most suitable for 3-4 times a week. Commonly used disinfectants should be exchanged regularly. The effect is better.
Fourth, to regularly deworming
The flock is often susceptible to parasitic disease. Parasitic disease is an important hidden danger affecting the production of sheep. Generally, sheep has parasitic diseases, which is expressed as sheep, and sheep is blocked, and growing slowly. The reproductive capacity is greatly reduced. Severe, will lead to sheep death. Commonly used drugs that eliminate parasites are Ivi, properiimidazole, pirazanone, and the like.

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