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Preparing the feeding management of the period, the public cavity ends from the breeding, and the mother fox has entered the next breeding season from the end of August. That is, September until the beginning of February of the year, it is prepared for breeding period. This period is divided into two phases in the early stage of breeding and preparation of the late stage of breeding. The entire preparation of the feeding task is mainly: supplying the various nutrients required for the growth and ripening of foxes and winter hair, promoting the growth of the development and reproductive performance of fox mailing organs, adjusting the breeding of fox, for breeding Good foundation. I. Feed Nutrition 1, preparation: September to November, foxes are generally high in protein levels, and the energy level is also high. Therefore, the feed formula should be appropriately adjusted according to the actual situation of the local area, and generally add some puffed corn and fish on the basis of the previous form, and add “auspicious trumpet (reproductive period)”, “high-efficiency platyol” and “Diaca”, It is conducive to the breeding of breeding, reducing the leakage and empty ratio, improving the quality of breeding, thereby achieving a lot of pigs, and the purpose of planting At the same time, a certain amount of “pill needle” and “long” can promote growth, accelerate autumn and winter fluff growth mature. 2, preparation: Silver Black Fox began in mid-November, the Arctic fox began in December, reproductive organs quickly developed, to ensure normal development, starting from the winter solstice, feeding high protein full price feed, at the same time Supplement “six plus” (a plus multiple, live induced exe, two plus double bag is vc, three plus high-efficiency gylol, four plus B is not less, five plus chicken head, six plus green onions), help Beast estrus advance, normal ovulation, breeding concentration, advance. This issue should be adjusted appropriately, generally controlling the average fertilization of the beast by adding bran to make the whole group of foxs to the middle. Second, the management point 1. Increase light, cold warm light is conducive to sexual organ development, estrus, and mating preparations in the post-breeding of climate, to do small room heat preservation, ensure the dry, soft pads in the room. 2. Ensure that normal feeding and adequate drinking water gradually be cold, feed is quickly frozen in the room, affecting the normal seeding of the fox. Therefore, the feed temperature should be appropriately improved when feeding feed, so that the fox can eat warm feed. In addition, water is an indispensable substance of the body, to ensure the supply of the fox group, at least 2 to 3 times a day. 3. Strengthen domestication through food levity, etc., so that the fox is not afraid, this is beneficial to reproductive, especially the sound is domesticated. 4. Do a good foxThe balance of the physical condition is closely related to its estrus, breeding, and production, etc., the body is fat or too thin, it is not conducive to reproduction. Therefore, it must pay attention to the nutritional balance of the fox body condition in the preparation of the same period, so that the species of the species is standard. For the fox of overfertilizer, it is necessary to reduce the mapping in the chamber by appropriate increase in the amount of exercise or less feed, reducing the masts in the chamber. For a slimming fox, nutrients should be increased appropriately to achieve the best condition when entering the breeding period. 5. Do a good job in epidemic prevention, drive out the fox of the in vivo, the fox who participates in the spring, should be injected in the epidemic prevention procedure to inject the vaction of vaction of virus, viral enteritis, and the fox, while doing good health Prevention and treatment. Generally, before breeding (about January), it is necessary to do a good job in fox’s internal and external parasites. 6. Do a good job in the preparation of breeding, repair and use the spray light to disinfect it; prepare a breeding plan and program; prepare the items required for breeding, such as a deceased and beast, gloves, breeding records, medicines, etc. Training work. Preparing for the period of breeding, you should pay attention to the estrus identification work of the mother-in-life, to make a record to make estrus foxs to mate in time. The breeding period of the breeding period is an important period of the year-round production in the year. Silver black fox is generally in late January to early March, the breeding period of the Arctic fox will later, in late February to the end of April or early May. I. Feed Nutrition This period is necessary to supply a fox nutrient, good equation, easy digestion feed, and appropriately improve the proportion of animal feed in the diet, such as egg, fresh meat, liver, milk, increase the trace elements in the feed. The proportion of versatose to meet their nutritional needs. Second, do not feed, sour, fat, polluting, etc., and keep the food and the field clean. In addition to supplying nutrient-rich feed, it should also add “Auspicious Sambo (Reproductive Period)”, “High-Effect Plateol”, “Dangu” and “Live Preciry” to ensure the nutrition of Motherlf and the normal growth and development of fetus and fetus. Demand to achieve high reproductive performance. Second, the management point 1. Create a breeding environment to maintain the quiet, fixed feeding personnel, and stay in the foreigners in the estrus and breeding period. 2. Guaranteed that the amount of exercise in the fox of sufficient drinking water is increased, and the water demand is increasing, and it is necessary to ensure sufficient clean drinking water in the sink. 3. Tracking observations throughout the holiday season, feeding management personnel should carefully observe the fox group, find that there is a mother’s estrus, to put it right, don’t miss the breeding opportunity, especially the silver black fox. For the hidden estrus, you should do a good job of testing, prevent leakage andlost pair. 4. Differential estrus and pathogenes in breeding periods due to sex hormones, prevalence falls, especially when they are in the early days, and they will not eat for a few days, so pay attention to the disease or The trauma is distinguished in order to treat the pathogenesis. In this issue, it should often observe the appetite, feces, spirit, activities of the animal group, and have a number in his heart. 5. The mating time and way of the individual have certain regularity. Emotic early Mother Fox, every year. As far as the group is concerned, the mating of the fox is about 20 days. It is concentrated in late February to mid 30 days in mid-March. The initial fox is late, and the mating time is concentrated in mid-March to late April. Blue fox love than the silver fox in about 20 days late. The mother-in-life of the evening is also low, and it is recommended to eliminate when branch fox is suggested. Silver fox has a short time, generally uses this payment, and assists in artificial insemination; the Blue Fox is slow, the last continuation is long, and the initial color is combined with two ways. 6. The age is equipped with the beginning of the mother-in-year male fox, and the Youth Fox is paired. To be old, small and late, not in the middle. This breeding can improve the feeding. According to experience, the first public is equipped with a lot of people. 7. Correctly placing the pair of places should be based on the mother-in-pink, purple black late, deep red wet “is suitable for breeding, and pay attention to the trend of Mother Fox. The actions of the fox, according to the study, in the morning, in the morning, the mating is high; generally place parallelism at 5:30 to 7:30 in the morning. It is also possible to put it on the rainy days and 5 pm, but it is not convenient to observe in the evening. The public fox can be used twice a day, and the time is more than four hours. Early female fantasai multiple times; Mother Fox in the mid-term estrus should be stabilized; the mysterious mysteria is to be equipped, which improves the pregnancy rate and the price. After holding, you should pay attention to observe the behavior of the male fox, prevent biting, if you find that the male fox is hostile, it will be disclosed in time. There is no special situation, don’t catch foxs, so as not to cause miscarriage of female fox. 8. Prepare pregnancy pregnancy pregnancy pregnancy is generally 51 to 52 days. Injection of 0.5 ml of progesterone after 10 days after breeding, promoting its anointed and tires. After the progesterone is proof, it can be placed in the boxing cage, and the launch door should be closed. It will open the launch door to make Mother Fox into the charging. Box should be seriously disinfected, and the box should keep warm. scanningThe next QR code, more surprises waiting for you! ! !

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