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Cereal powder (such as corn flour, wheat flour, etc.) contains a large amount of digestible carbohydrates, which is a relatively cheap energy in the diet, but the protein content is less, and the protein biological value is not complete, and the corresponding protein is supplemented. Utilization.

The amount of grain added to the fox diet is depends on the biological value of the fox and the amount of fat in the mixed diet, and the amount of cereals added is generally from 15% to 30% of the heat of the sun.
my country has used the corn flour to porridge, processed into a neck or fried and smashing fox, and also feeding the form of puffed, and the processed grain can increase the digestion rate of 10% -20%.
In summer or very cold winter, 0.1 g of Vitamin C is added to each fox’s feed, which can reduce the damage of overheating or over-cooling to animals.
Puffed is a promising process. After the grain passes, the carbohydrate is decomposed by 6% dextrin, and 10% of the starch becomes sugar, which can be fully digested and absorbed by the fox.
Further, grain can be inactivated by heat treatment, and the harmful bacteria can prevent the fox from getting gastrointestinalitis, liver diseases and diseases affect breeding.

White fox and the Northern Fox have a low digestive utilization rate because the bran contains more cellulose, and all energy will be loosened, and intestinal motility is enhanced.
In the diet of the fox, it should not exceed 10 grams. Sweet potatoes and potatoes containing starch, are very cheap energy sources. When the cereals are insufficient, they can be completely replaced by cereals, but they need to be washed and cooked and fed.
The corn for feeding the fur animals is to make corn crushing and make dry porridge with a pot, the shortcomings are hot, people are too dangerous, and they are too dangerous, they are still easy to produce Metained, paste in the bottom of the pot, and causes the animal to rose,
The most serious is that the yellowlaxin in the corn is difficult to destroy. Generally, the temperature of the cooking cannot be destroyed, the cleavage temperature is 280 ° C
and yellow Quenstone is a toxin that seriously affects fur animal estrus and abortion. It is 68 times more toxicity than the cream. Second to botox, it is the strongest induction of mold toxicity
, and then has a puffed corn flour. It is indeed a part of the strength and fatigue, but with many people’s competition, there are many people who don’t pay attention to the quality of raw materials, causing the yellowlaxin to add more than the standard,
The last result is also our farmers. Buy a single, moneyLet them earn, our animals have a bad estrus, excessive abortion, and serious death.

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