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According to daily mail news, in the early morning of July 3, a farm in Pennsylvania in Pennsylvania, causing more than 100,000 chickens in the chicken house to die. The cockstakes that occurred in the Tyrone Township Hillandale farm. According to firefighters, they were fired at 5:48, followed, firefighters in several counties near Maryland rushed to fire. The captain of Heidelberg Fire Police Company said that when the firefighter arrived, he can see the flame of the bears above the roof of the chicken. (Shandong and Meihua Group Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in mixed feed, concentrated feed, mixed feed, production and sales of feeds. Annual production, sales of feed feed, 200,000 tons, total output value, is Jinan agricultural industrialization focus leading company. Unique And the US farming model is a comprehensive technical service system for the majority of egg hooks, and pig breeding users, making the user’s benefits and has a good praise from more than 20,000 users.
) Fire officers have except for fire extinguishing The adjacent buildings are also isolated, avoiding the full spread of fire. In order to fire extinguish, two firefighters have been dehydrated, and there is also a injured. The Fire Secretary said that due to the timely fire extinguishing, the adjacent chicken house did not have a loss, and there was no chicken injury. Relevant officials also said that the cause of the fire is also investigated, they think this is accidental.

The main fire causes of farms are first electrical and overloaded; second is improper warm measures, such as boiler accidents, etc .; Finally, material materials are self-igniting, human airs, and improper construction operations will also lead to farm Fire. Relative to the fire prevention precautions in the farm, many farms have been old, the fire facilities are simple, the internal electrical line aging, some farms still have a chaos, once the electricity load is increased, the electric wire is short-circuited Inevitable. At the same time, most farms will have flammable stacks such as fuels, feeds, and it is difficult to extinguish. Suggestions on this: First, it is necessary to strengthen the investigation of a fire hazard in the farm. Focus on the electricity, heating, etc. of the farm, resolutely eliminate the private pull line, the heating equipment and the lines of serious age, the flammability is arbitrary, and the fire prevention measures are not implemented. Second, livestock and poultry breeding production should take the right heating method. Cautious stoves, boilers are important measures to prevent fire. With the fireplace heating farm, you should use bricks around the fire, there should be no flammable pump around the fire.Fire furnace pilot pads cause fire. Use the boiler’s farm to enhance equipment maintenance to prevent explosive and casualties. To ensure the safety of the lines in the production equipment and heating equipment, the wire is laid in the shedhouse, according to the amount of electric wire, the type of electric wire should be determined, and the two wires should be arranged in parallel and away from flammable items. It is strictly forbidden to use overload electricity. It is best to install the electric shock protection device to prevent the wire short circuit. Third, to do a good job in fire prevention. Make sure that the fire is fired, it can be disposed in time. All livestock and poultry farms should be equipped with fire prevention equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire sands, and often conduct fire prevention inspections, and properly carry out fire prevention emergency drills. The fourth is to consider fire prevention needs in the design of the farm. Animal farm stores feed items such as feed items should be maintained from the farming plant from livestock. Falling work. The fifth is to expand space for fire protection work. Once the fire cannot be controlled immediately, the fire truck has become an important factor in the fire saving work, so preserves a sufficient channel for the fire truck. The above precautions seem to be an old man. However, only according to these “old-fashioned talks” can be made to the largest fireproof. The water is ruthless, please wake up as you! This article comes from Henan firefighting, editor: Lin Meiling | Author: Judification: Guo Huajie, copyright belongs to the original author, pay tribute to the original authors, the viewpoint of the original author Do not blindly, thank you!

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