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The marked crayon in the marker code is specifically used for the animals. It uses high-quality color and special solvent modulation. The formula is non-toxic and harmless. There is no irritation to the skin of the animal, the color is diverse, and the color is bright. According to the cattle management rules, the special cattle is only marked, saving material financial resources, reducing the company’s cost, has three colors of blue, green, red. Dairy leg label: marking belt is used in philosophy, sick, etc., can be reused, saving costs; in bad extreme environments, the marker belt will not be hard, and will not hurt the cows. 1, marked with red, yellow, blue, green four colors to choose 2, markers come to distinguish between every cow or dairy group 3, easy to use, simple operation, safe and reliable, safe and reliable

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raising cattle tips – buy When the cow is facing the market, when buying a beef cattle, first choose the mouth, the nostril is large, the eyes are god, the body is long, the legs are thick, the tail is strong, so that the cattle eat well, health and disease. In addition, it is necessary to combine the fur and hips to require the skin to be elastic, but the fur fur is more soft, and a big brief, such a cattle is long, fattening, and high economic efficiency.

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