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I. Viral disease 1, chicken new city disease: Disease chicken has no spirit, breathing difficult, weak. The internal organs are severe in diarrhea, not eating, failure; with chickens can have paroxysmal spasm, neck twisted, corner bow bristles and leg paralysis, some fin gap, mortality can reach more than 90%. The nergical manifestation is a loss of appetite, cough, gas, head and neck straight and straight scrap; there is a neck, turn circle, two wings and two leg paralysis, walking is unstable, and the mortality rate of young chicken is more than 90%. 2, Chicken Horse Licks: Diseases have sports obstacles, showing a side (or two sides) paralysis, that is, showing one foot to the front, and the other characteristic split posture is extended to the rear; some have two The wings are drooped, the lower head, the gait, the steps, etc. 3, avian contagious cerebrosphenesis: chick, the disease is blooming, the two eyes are straight, do not want to move, lying; clinically, moving disorders, incomplete paralysis, wings muscles, glazes and head neck muscles Treatment, etc. is the main symptom. 4, chicken viral arthritis: Disease chickens, the joint is obviously swollen, there is a deformed or foot to the deformation; the chicken is sitting in the joint, and only beat when driving; the affected limb cannot be extended and loaded, serious suffering The limbs are twisted outward, and the gait is strange. 5, chicken infectious cystic disease: the beginning of the disease, the feathers, diarrhea, drainage of feathers, diarrhea, drainage, slight, and walk the road and shake, and the gait is unstable. After the end of the chicken diet, the two wings were drooped, and the feathers were reversed; some head is vertically, closed eyes. Second, the bacterial disease 1, bird gigmatism: the diseased chicken is characterized by a spirit, shrinking the neck, feathers, anorexia, arch back, head hidden in two wings, do not love to move, stay close to the group . Some leg joint swelling, walk slow weakness, neck to twist or laminated neck. 2, chicken injury: The sick chicken is pneumatic, feathers are muted, waters, diarrhea, often returning to the eyes, head and two fins, and chronic diastectitis, the penguin stands. 3, chicken tuberculosis: the sickness of the chicken, weak, thin, not active; the chest muscles are significantly shrinking, the sternum is deformable, and the knife is protruded. Diseases are fluffy, anemia, diarrhea, two-fins, and doped chickens in joints and bone marrows are sitting, one feet or two-legged lameness, in an emergency, in an emergency; finally dying due to failure. Third, vitamin deficiency 1, vitamin A lack of disease: Diseases are psychogeneous, weak, weak, feather, exercise disorders, gait instability, weak limbs, often use tail branches, toe hushing. 2, vitamin B2 deficiency: diseaseChicken is weak, thin, diarrhea, do not want to move; toe claws curl up, in a rest posture, drooping two wings; two feet, walk with toes or one foot, and finally can’t walk at all. 3, vitamin E lack of disease: Diseases show moving disorders, paralysis, and chick. The disease is closed, close to the eyes, and the sound is weak; the head and neck is back to the back or to the side, to move to the side; swipe the two wings, lose balance to show the flying dance or two legs spasm convulsions, toe flexion, no Standing instead of the earth, some are angular bows back posture; some sick husks are straight, and it is lie. Fourth, other diseases 1, chicken in white lescette disease: usually severely in terms of young chicken. Disease chicken appetite or abolished, the body temperature is elevated, fainted, anemia, pulling green sturdy, fatigue, often sitting; muscle exercise disorders, double feet is weak, walking, and finally falling in a coma. 2, broiler, the disease: the puff chicken feathers, the spirit is difficult, breathing difficult, the bed is far from the duck; its abdomen is expanded, the abdomen is falling off, the skin is thin, the sense of fluctuation, the sense of fluctuation Heart failure and death. 3, chicken pain: diseased chicken appetite, loss, failure, anemia, feather fancy, diarrhea; limbs toe, legs and wings joint swelling, pain, significant deformation; standing difficulties, slowness, sliding, sliding. 4, chicken toxivia poisoning: poisoned chicken spirit, slow response, eye is closed, do not want to act, often doze, two wings are dragged on the ground; head neck, wings and legs are paralyzed, weak, 痪, can’t walk The serious neck muscle paralysis, the head neck is often straight, weak weak; the diseased chicken is finally coma. Breeding Technology and Disease Exchange: 13210019060

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