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10 Index Number: 07B120307201600127 Information belongs: Animal Husbandry Information Name: Ministry of Agriculture on Printing and Distributing the “National Husbandry Development Plan (2016-2020)” Notice: Agriculture Pastoral [2016] No. 12 Generation Date: Public Date: July 07, 2016 Content Overview: In order to promote herbal animal husbandry and fast development, ensure high quality safety herb and livestock products effective supply, promote animal husbandry structural adjustment and transformation upgrade , Accelerate the construction of modern animal husbandry, our ministry has formulated the “National Husbandry Development Plan (2016-2020).” “Planning” summarizes the achievements of the development of herb and animal husbandry since the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, analyzes the development environment and new requirements of herb and animal husbandry during the 13th Five-Year Plan, clearly proposing the development of herbal animal husbandry in the next day. Follow the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing, and do five key tasks such as the construction of good breeding system, standardized scale breeding, forage material production foundation, quality and safety supervision and disease prevention and control and new business health development. “Planning” is based on the resource endowment and location advantages in different regions, and it has identified the overall layout of the soul animal husbandry during the 13th Five-Year Plan, further optimizing the industrial structure and regional layout of dairy, beef cattle, meat sheep, special livestock and forage. . According to the requirements of “planning”, we strive to 2020, mainly grass product capacity and quality level is stable and grow, the market supply is fundamentally safe, and the production technology level is steadily improved. Standardized scale breeding accelerates, production efficiency, non-grain feed resource utilization and The technical support capacity is further improved, and the production system, business system and industrial system of modern herb animals are initially constructed. Where can I download the original national Chinese herbal husbandry development plan (2016-2020)? Thank you! ! !
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