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The body’s body is well-known, the body is well known, the muscles are strong, the shoulders, the back and the back body can not see any bone outstanding, the touch chest is wide, and the back is also wide. Look at the nutritional nutrition, the rabbit is full of muscle, and the hair is smooth, the skeletal corner is not protruding, and the weight can be more than 500 grams when weaning. Look at the healthy young rabbit posture nature, flexible, coordinated. When crouching, the forelim is straight, and the hind limbs are placed in the body; when sleeping, the eyes are closed, the breathing is weak, and the summer is often inverted, and the lipples are elongated, and the winter is crouched. Consult QQ: 2627108897 Look at the mental healthy rabbit eyes and bright, lively, there is god, the corner, the corner, the air, the ear is easy to act, when you encounter special sound, two ear is erected. The fender healthy young rabbit is smooth, and the pea size. If the feces is hard, small, it may be constipated; the feces are long or thin water, indicating that the young rabbit may have intestine. Consult QQ: 2627108897

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