Seminishing the chicken to raise this to improve the restriction rate of the chicken

Seminishing chicken To reduce the death of the dead ostly

In the breeding of chicken, many people buy a destroystick, and there is also a todded chicken for sale. But after the farmer purchases the destroyed chicken, a good chicken will be prone to sporadic deaths for a while, and it will last over half.

Many farmers’ first reactions are not good quality, and many friends who sell to warm chickens, because of this situation, customers are increasingly found.

Good to remove the chicken, to the breeding household, the mortality will rise, what is the reason?

Select the customer who deepens the chicken, most of which is a newcomer, the management awareness is not strong, plus the boss selling the warm chicken, sometimes after the service is not in place, there is such a situation.

The heat removal of the chicken itself is no problem. Many destrophotic chickens are just stepwise, even to the temperature of the temperature, are also in the insulation measures. Such chickens are not strong enough.

Plus the nature of the chicken, itself is relatively timid, after the scare of the chicken, the transportation, the cold wind invades. Such chicken pulls to the home of the farmer, has been slightly cold.

The chicken with a slight cold, does not cause chicken death, especially the desovering chicken itself is slow, itself has a certain resistance, and the cold in the early stage is just a respiratory symptoms, slightly fever, and does not cause death. Farm do not understand, or ignore this. After the chicken is in a cold, the secondary infection gradually intensifies, and finally the airbagitis, peritonitis, etc. After more than 10 days in the home, most of the chickens started sporared death, the anatomy mainly showed the liver, this time the farmer is in an emergency, the chicken that has been ill, and the farmers will continue to change the medicine, increase the liver and kidney of the last chicken. Damage is serious, the resistance is declining, and ultimately leads to not high.

The chicken group pulled home. In fact, for chickens, it was changed a new venue. The chicken group had a pathogens in unfamiliar new venues. The coccidi resistance is not strong, so that the intestinal anti-Worm will also occur. If this piece does not pay attention, the chicken will gradually appear with tissue, tomato feces, and inserted into the intestinal mucosa.
After such chicken, after impairment, nutrient absorption is blocked, the chicken is thin, and the resistance is insufficient. So for the new chicken, be sure to do intestinal health.

So how to do it, how should we operate, the survival rate can be higher?

First, the chicken is pre-maintained in front of the chicken, and after the chicken is re-tempered, do not let go. At the same time, supplementing the electrolyte multi-dimensional anti-oral liquid to reduce stress reactions.

Secondly, the new chicken, controlling coccidi, this is critical, controlling good catholic, and uses probiotics, improves the intestinal environment, and reduces the invasion of pathogens.
After this operation, let the chicken will pass the invasive period of entering the new site. The chicken will soon adapt to it, which can ensure the survival rate of the destrophotic chicken, while reducing the injury of the drug to chicken liver and kidney. Thus, healthy chickens.

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