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In the “锵 三 人” program “锵”, Ye Tan said when talked about melamine, the company used to use more antibiotics, and finally caused problems in the entire physiological function of the dairy, and the toxins of milk also increased. Other views. I think many of the views of Ms. Ye is extremely wrong and can’t stand. 1. First, anyone must think twice when he doesn’t know how to speak in the industry and the field, don’t trust the river, say hello, you can’t make it wrong with the problem that you don’t understand, usually only the 开 开 开. 2, raising cows have a lot of learning, you have nothing to understand by dairy breasts, just don’t live. 3. The concept does not clear the road, and the cow is a ruminant. There are four stomach herbivores (cattle and sheep deer, etc. are ruminants). The feed is mainly digested by bacterial and coccidi fermentation in the stomach in the stomach. A large number of pesticides and antibiotics will use a large number of bacterial fibers in the tumor stomach. The consequence is dairy digestive system disorder, and the cow will not be more useful because of a large number of antibiotics. Many milk. Ms. Ye Tan is an economical expert, but it is not an expert in animal husbandry and dairy breeding. For dairy milk, you have no say, don’t speak as a savior, you can’t publish your opinions on unfamiliar areas, you can’t make it right, you should be responsible. In any field, there is no investigation. There is no say, and the saying goes well: Values ​​such as closing mountains, you are absolutely experts, leaving you are familiar with the field to your strange field, maybe you are an idiot, celebrity Responsible for your words. Your unfair to open the river in the cow’s milk, you have a serious injury to China’s millions of hardworking, good diligers, and the wider dairy industry. Benefits. You should apologize to the majority of milk farmers and dairy employees in the country.

Ye Tan: Enterprises for dairy multi-milk antibiotics to use this post address: “锵 三人 行” program, Financial Commentary Ye Tan When talking about melamine, the company is more dairyPulling, a large number of antibiotics, and finally leading to the whole physiological function of the cows, and the toxins of milk have also increased. The following is the text record:
Ye Tan: For example, I remember that we have done three more Chinese things, milk, all Chinese people have more than 1 billion people to drink milk, suddenly drink milk, Where is this milk come, the cow is now squeezing so much milk. In addition to adding melamine, you crowd too frequently, the entire physiological function of the cow will have problems.
Dou Wentao: I heard that the tap of the cow is inflamed.
Ye Tan: Yes.
Dou Wentao: Squeezing to this extent.
Ye Tan: It is often inflamed, you give it a baby, there are a lot of pesticides, then the environment is not clean, then you use it, then you can use it, then cause the whole cow, its immunity is very immunity. So in order to confront, in order to make it possible to get milk every day, the lowest cost is the best way is the big agent to fight antibiotics.
Liang Wendao: melamine.
Ye Tan: Not melamine, a large dose gives it to fight against honest, which allows it to support it. But you know that there will be a lot of toxins in the milk, so we really don’t know that it is a genetically modified cow, saying it detects that milk is small, or say that we drink this milk is small. . Rating
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