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Serum sample acquisition method

1. Under normal circumstances, the total sample should be 5-10%

2 of the total population. Sample source should generally come from the appearance of symptoms. Group or according to specific testing items

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3. All samples must be random sampling (at least within a limited range of random options)

4. Use the preparatory vena cavine, this way is the possibility of blood samples, the possibility of contamination is smaller

5. Detailed record sample Source information: Bar or ear pins (age), buildings and columns Bit, date of collection

Collecting equipment

1. Be sure to use a separate seeding equipment

2. Use blood collection equipment as much as possible (once Sexual double blood collection needle, no vacuum blood collection tube

3. Please post the product after blood collection, high temperature steamed or burning

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Separation, Saving, After the test

1. After the blood sample is collected, the whole blood is immediately separated using a centrifuge or placed in an environment of 0 ° C or more or more

(such as the refrigerator refrigerator) Natural separation
2. When the blood sample appears, the upper and lower layers of the upper and lower layers (on the pale yellow liquid, the lower red solid matter), carefully divided the upper serum into two other parts, and subjected into dry Clean sterile small test tube or special small centrifugation tube

3. Use a sticker or surgical tape to the dispensing serumThe line marking, each of the first sampled serum as a detection sample, the second sub-dispensed serum as a backup freezing, two serum uses the same record logo

4. Suggestment mark Method: Cultivation serum starts with N, fattening with f, with the beginning of the sow (sequence of different fetuses), the adult boar starts with B, the piglets of the house are started with P, and the reserve pig starts with G .
5. When the ambient temperature is less than 4 ° C, the time of transportation is less than 24 hours, it is not necessary to preserve serum freezing, if the transportation time is greater than 24 hours, the serum should be frozen before transportation; if the ambient temperature is higher 15 ° C, serum transportation must be frozen and preserved using ice cubes and incubator

6. If the ambient temperature in the package of transport is greater than 25 ° C and the time lasts for 4 hours, the serum must be frozen. And through air express delivery

7. Frozen whole blood or long-distance bumpy non-freezing whole blood detection significance will be large and no detection significance 8. Serum requirements

a) Each serum is not less than 1 ml

b) Please sampling as much as possible, all types of collected quantities according to test plan

c) Front before sending, please refrigerate

D) Please fill in a “serum record table” on each field and send

e) Farm, please save a backup serum, save 2 years

9. Send address to be detailed, use logistics to send to contact, full tracking.
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