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Pay attention to Chicken Adviser Small Ashi, update breeding technology and disease knowledge every day. Now there is a phenomenon in the broiler industry, and the chicken people don’t care how to “raise chickens”, and care about how to “treat chickens.” Many clinical veterins don’t know how to raise the chickens, but how to use medicine! This view is wrong. Raising chicken, nicknous chicken, is of course Yang, not cured, and the level of chicken is determined to make money. Basic methods and measures of chickens know that some details do you really notice?
Chinese medicine believes that nature and body are unified, understanding the circulation law in the chicken, grasping every moment of chicken!
One, 寅 (3 o’clock to 5 o’clock): During the lungs, the liver storage, the fresh blood of the liver is transported, and the amount of the huthouse must be increased, increase the oxygen content in the house, and purify the air. It is guaranteed that the chicken will only breathe fresh air. The yin and yang are converted from this moment, from the yin-turning yang, the dew point temperature moment, when the chicken has entered the yin, the hens, so that the body is weak at this time. At this moment, it is the best time. At this time, the adrenal stomach, the feed in the stomach will be digestive. If there is no food in the stomach, there will be a large number of gastric acid, increase the chance of occurrence of gastrointestinal diseases. However, it is not appropriate to use alkaline drugs. If the gastric and goncumber is abortion, it is recommended to use small soda as the best time this stage. Second, last (13:00 to 15 o’clock): Small intestine is in order
At this time, when the demand for water on water is the most, because “turbid, drinking water can be fired”, small intestine is turbid, The hydrogen is attributed to the bladder, and the muddy is sent to the large intestine. The essence is rising from the spleen. At this time, the small intestine is carried out for a day of nutritional adjustment, so it is best not to drink water in this stage. Otherwise, the long-term control will affect the absorption of small intestines to nutrients. And the amount of feeding, thereby affecting the health of the chicken.
Third, the time (19 points to 21 points): The heartbacter is a “heart package for the film, with meridians, blood passions. Evil can’t capaculate, tolerance”, the heart is the most powerful It can be clear from the outside of the heart, so that the heart is in a good condition. So it is necessary to ensure that the chicken group is in a quiet environment, reducing the external interference, avoiding stress. This stage uses a drug that is beneficial to use blood, and completes the phenomenon of supplementation.
Four, Hai (21 points to 23 o’clock): Sanjiao Bank order “Three Jocong Baidin, Baidin Neuts”, try toReduce chicken is only active, so that the chicken has entered a sleep state and recuperate. But it is also the most likely when the chicken is cold, and the wind is evil. Cold will take advantage of it. Do a good job in cold and prevent the gang of the thief, prevent the prevention of the cold cold caused by the chicken group, pay attention to the weather forecasting work in the evening to prepare for emergency preparation. Friendship scanning code
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