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Farmers often have a variety of diseases in the process of raising rabbits, in order to reduce the cost of rabbits, increase their income, many rabbits have used seven kinds of cultivation, and the rabbit disease has achieved good results. To this end, the special majority of rabbits is as follows, please ask everyone to try, and will be beneficial to you.
1 dandelion. Have clear heat detoxification, swelling, gallbladder, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Can prevent rabbit enteritis, diarrhea, lung sputum, and breastitis. Usage is: Fishing grass is directly feeding rabbit, or takes 5 grams of dry goods, decorating the water, each rabbit 2 times a day, with 3-5 days.
2 car front grass. It is used to prevent respiratory, intestinal and coccidia infection. Usage is: Fishing grass directly feeds the rabbit, or uses 10-15 grams of dry items, decoction in the water, each rabbit 2 times, and use 3-5 days.
3 purslane. Clever heat, detoxification, blood circulation, swelling, intake, stop bleeding, deworming, elimination. Purslane is a severity of the hazy rabbit, and the rabbit can prevent rabbits from diarrhea and coccidi. Consult QQ: 2627108897

4 wild chrysanthemum. Have a hurricane, fire, detoxification. Treatment of the disease caused by S. aureus, Streptococcus, and Bacillus. The method is: directly fed rabbits directly with fresh chrysanthemum, or take 5 grams of dry goods, decoction, each rabbit 2 times a day, with 5-7 days.
5 honeysuckle. It has a heat-free throison effect. The epidemic cold, lung fire, respiratory tract and digestive pathogenesis and other thermal diseases. Usage is: Fresh branches, leaves, flowers, or dry goods per rabbit, decoction, in the water, and use 3-5 days.
6 big green leaves, slate blue roots. Have a variety of detoxification, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Indicated rabbit pharyngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, enteritis, etc. The method of treatment is: 5 grams of dry goods, decoction in the water, and use 3-5 days, and the rabbit can be directly charged with fresh grass.
7 garlic. Have bactericidal, stomach, stop cough and deworming function. Can treat the rabbit enteritis, diarrhea, indigestion, flu, pneumonia, coccidia, and other diseases. Usage is: 250 grams of garlic to go to the skin, add 500 grams of water, soak it, 7 days later. Each rabbit is taken 2 times a day, 3-5 ml each time, with 3-5 days. You can also smash the garlic into a mud, and mix the rabbit directly in the feed. Consult QQ: 2627108897

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