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First, rabbits should not usually use antibiotics to be a herbivalent, and various forage needs various microbial decomposition absorptions in the intestine. If common antibiotics kill often in the intestinal tract, affecting the digestion of gastrointestinal; at the same time, the intestinal pathogenesis has caused resistance, and it has increased the difficulty of treatment. Therefore, rabbits should not usually use antibiotics.
Second, home is not suitable for natural mating natural mating facilitates the promotion of female rabbits, and timely breeding prevents leakage. However, it is easy to reduce the use of rabbit utilization, reduce the rate of recycling, causing near-relatives, early pregnancy, and varieties, affect the growth and dissemination of young rabbits. Therefore, rabbits should not be mating naturally. Consult QQ: 2627108897

Third, pregnant rabbits should not feed the rabbit household in the feedmithin, often mixing in the feed to prevent disease. Due to oxytetracyclines, it is easy to cause death and abnormal tires, and reduce reproductive ability, so pregnant rabbits should not feed gentamicin.
Fourth, silage should not be feeding rabbit silage feed, feeding rabbits, causing indigestion, even causing acid poisoning. Therefore, silage should not feed home rabbit.
Fifth Frozen vegetables feeding rabbits should be chopped and mixed with bran, corn, and so on.

Sixth, rice bran, rabbit should not exceed 30% of rice bran in the day, which will affect the quality of rabbits, causing dermatitis; breeding performance, reducing reproductive performance. Therefore, rice bran does not exceed 25% -30% in diet, and the thickness is mixed.
Seven, pork chicken additives should not feed the rabbit many rabbits to feed the pig chicken additive, and the result is not possible. Because the pork chicken additive is formulated according to the characteristics of the growth and development of pork chicken, the digestive function of each segment is different. Pig chicken additives should not feed their rabbits, the amount is harmful, and the rabbit is applied. Consultation QQ: 2627108897

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