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The chicken has the following hazards in the chicken, and the farmer needs to be treated.
1, mold toxins can cause immune organs such as Fah ‘s, thymus and spleen, induce immunosuppression.
2, mold toxin can cause recurrent diarrhea, the intestinal disease is not hurt, the feed is frequent, and the feed is greatly reduced, and the weight is greatly reduced.
3, mold toxin has strong corrosion, which is quite serious for the damage of the digestive tract. It can cause oral ulcers, inflammation of the bladder, and the postpartum fake film, ulcerative and hyperplasia, the adrenal stomach forms an ulcer, and the muscle stomach keratin is easily peeled. Rice film thickening and horny membrane forming bleeding ulcer, increased intestinal brittleness, intestinal mucosa falling off, necrosis. Affecting the body’s digestion and absorption of nutrients, the feed utilization and conversion rate decreased.
4, mold toxin poisoning can result in hypocyte necrosis of liver, hepatocyte hyperplasia, and in the early stage of the disease due to congestion, due to yellow gathered in the late, no matter the pre-occurrence of the disease, it is eraser The feeling of liver. The gallbladder mucosa is inflamed due to the hyperplasia and necrosis of the courage, and the phenomenon of gallbladder brittleness.
5, Mold toxin’s damage to the kidney is expressed as a renal tubule, which occurs, producing uric acid deposition, resulting in the occurrence of gout, and unknown disease due to increased leg disease.
6, mycotoxin’s damage to the blood vessel wall increases blood pressure, increases the burden on the heart, and makes the astripermia. Yitai Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

7. Mold toxin will cause a decrease in eggs, eggshell quality, decrease in fertilization rate, and hatching. Death is more common; mold toxin affects the eggs of egg chicken by reducing the synthesis and transport of liver yolk precursors, and the decline in the feeding capacity and the uncertainty of the cost ratio are the genital maturation delay.

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