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The fattening effect in front of the beef cattle is very obvious. Generally, when the calf is 8 months old, the fattening effect of this period is the best. In order to achieve the good cow, we should master a few Key technique.
First, try to choose feeding hybrid varieties, hybrid varieties have significant growth rates, strong adaptability, meat quality. At the same time, there is a short-term fattening of local, healthy and healthy local cow, and the effect is also quite good.
Second, in the fattening stage of the beef cattle, the formation of grazing can be used in the form of grazing for 1-2 months. In the late stage, we must pay attention to the feeding, using high-precision food, and pay attention to the fertilizer time. Increase costs, there is no ideal effect too late. .
Third, during the fattening period, primarily with nitride as the main feed. After the ammonia technology treatment, it can enhance the right level to a certain extent, improve the appetite of the cattle, and improve the nutrient conversion rate and the attractive ability of cattle, and reduce production costs. It should be noted that the proportion of ammonia is 100 kg of grass, 40 kg of water and 3 kg urea, sealing treatment in the ammonia chamber for a while, feeding for a while, eliminating the odor. At the same time, in addition to feeding a nitride, the actual situation of the cattle is added to the mixture. The mixture is mainly based on corn, and the appropriate amount of rapeseed cake or cottonseed cake is added, and some flavored starch, salt, 1% of the cattle in the amount of two times.
Fourth, application scientific method , Feeding additives: An important way to scientifen cattle is an important initiative to add addition to the addition to the technology, develop the beef cattle industry, and improve the benefits of the cattle. For example, a tumor stomach buffer can be added to the feed to improve the digestive absorption effect of the dead nutrients. Or by implanting a weighting agent technology, beef production is increased and feed reward rate.
Production cost, growth rate, additive, adaptability, conversion

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